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Proceeding the initial DualSense on Windows API release, in PS5 Scene news today developer Florian K (FloK) made available PYDualSense which is a python script to control a DualSense PS5 Controller that can be utilized by upcoming PS5 homebrew devs. :geek:

Download: PYDualSense (Latest Version) / GIT

From the, to quote: PYDualSense

Control your DualSense through python. Using the hid library this module implements the sending report for controlling you new PS5 controller. It creates a background thread to constantly receive and update the controller.


Just install the package from pypi
pip install pydualsense
from pydualsense import pydualsense

ds = pydualsense() # open controller
ds.setColor(255,0,0) # set touchpad color to red
ds.setLeftTriggerForce(1, 255)
ds.close() # closing the controller
See examples folder for some more ideas

  • hid >= 1.0.4

Most stuff for this implementation were provided by published an used from:
Coming soon
  • reading the states of the controller to enable a fully compatibility with python - partially done
  • add documentation using sphinx
PYDualSense Control a DualSense PS5 Controller Python Script by FloK.jpg