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hi the question i have is about the tor broswer itself right a few weeks ago i was able to use tor broswer but what happens now is when i open up tor browser it says this message tor browser is already running but not responding. to use tor broswer you must first close the existing tor broswer process restart your device or use a different profile.

what i dont understand is i have restated my computer and also shut it down thinking that might help the problem but it still says that. i have also tried my laptop using tor browser and it worked once and now it always says that message.

i dont know what to do how do i fix that problem. so does anyone know of anyway to get tor browser to work and to get rid of that message?


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I'd try to uninstall and reinstall it fresh from the official site HERE, and if it still happens make sure no other browsers / programs are using a 'Tor' plugin or addon that could also be affecting it.

Assuming you're using Windows 10, you can hold down the CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys to access the Task Manager and check the Processes tab (click the arrow next to Tor browser to expand them) and examine the Startup tab also to see if a (duplicate) Tor session is already set to begin when Windows boots up each time.

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