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Following The Witcher 3 (TW3) PS4 Texture Patcher Tool, recently PlayStation 4 Scene developer @Backporter shared the latest addition on his Github repository via Twitter dubbed RE-PAK which is a tool to preview meshes / textures, create / extract PAKs and more for PS4 game mods and modders alike! 🤩

Download: RE_PAK.exe (Latest Version) / GIT

Those interested can drop by the Official PS4 Game Modding Server Discord channel for support, and from the comes further details below: RE-PAK

UI Based Tool that allows for Previewing (PC) Textures on the fly, Extracting PAKs, and Creating PAKs AND modding other platforms (PS4).

Notes Before You Get Started:
  • For PAK Creation you do need the original PAKs extracted from the platform you intend to create them for(PC => PC, PS4 => PS4) They Are Not Substitutable With Different Platform PAKS SO DO NOT TRY AND MIX THEM
  • Mods that replace DLC Outfits will not work on the PS4 from my testing, so make sure you read the mod page.
  • Example PAKs can be found in this repo, their credits will be inside the zip in a text document or posted below.
  • Extracted Game PC / PS4
  • PS4-RE-TEX - For PS4 Textures.
Using PAK Creator:

Open the PAK Creator select open/save, pick the original PAKs from the game, click Create and it will create it, place the two generated PAKs in the game with the correct name, and it should load as shown below.

Proof Of It Working:


Mod: Blue Gun - personal mod (PC / PS4)

Mod: Krypton Nanotech Suit created by Wiwilz on
Mod: Leon RE4 Hair created by Stevebg23 and their friends JP and ManGaKa on
Other Stuff:

RE3 Mods Running on the PS4:

Mod: Reika created by ES47_also_known_as_Dedraz on
Change Log:
  • 1.0 Base.
  • 2.0 Added PAK Creation and other options.
  • 3.0 Fixed a few bugs
  • 4.0 Small un-notable changes
  • 5.0 Changed the way the PAKs are created, Optimized data storing of PAK info this will speed PAK creating up a bit.
  • 5.1 Removed the need for a database, the program will automatically generate it and use it, fixed a bug that would cause an exception if the user didn't provide a proper path for the hash list.
  • 5.2 Changed the Previewer to support all Tex's
Screenshots of the App:
Using RE-PAK And PS4-RE-TEX to mod RE-Engine Games On The PS4

Finally, below are some RE3 PC Mods for PS4 -USA Version- CUSA14168 via Garrus Vakarian on Twitter. Load DLC with Jdownloader:

Download: RE3+(USA).dlc (8.21 KB)
RE-PAK Tool to Preview Textures, Create  Extract PAKs for PS4 Game Mods.jpg



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Excellent work bro @diegoshark love your stuff. please try RE2 mods and if you got success tell me.

And can you try this mod for RE3 ,.,. i tried but neck texture not working ?


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@xenaxxx Yes definitely we all Thanks to @Backporter for the Tool, but we need a proper TUT and some sample modes so moderate people can make ,.,.

you make my day because i try almost 20 times to make RE2 mods by many ways none of it works ,.,. i will try again ,. just tell me when you make mod what file it generate i mean this one (re_chunk_000.pak.patch_001.pak) or something else ?

and pls dont forget this mod i requested ,.,. i will give you a huge :)


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1: Download my tools off GitHub (make sure to have the requirements, and make sure they are both in the same folder)

2: Extract the base game somewhere on your PC (this can be done via the publishing tools, aka FPKG tools)

3: Download a mod you want to have on the PS4 & extract it to the same folder as my tools

4: Change the platform in the natives folder from "x64" or "stm" to "ps4"

5: Run PS4-RE-TEX (depending on how many textures this could take awhile, this is multithreaded so its as fast as it can get with two threads)

6: Run RE-PAK click the yes/no for the game you will be using(cancel in the case of other games that use RE Engine), do the same thing again for the 2nd dialogue option(unless you are extracting from, a PAK, you can just click cancel)

7: Run the PAK Creator (click FILE -> PAK Creator) click open, select the PAKs from the base game you are Modding that you extracted in step 2, click create, it will tell you when its done, close RE-PAK.

8: Fix the load order of the PAKS, if you look in the update there will be several PAKS, look at the highest number that comes after re_chunk_000(.patch_**001**.pak), rename "re_chunk_000.pak.patch_001.pak" that my tool generated to what to "re_chunk_000.pak.patch_XXX.pak" but replace XXX to whatever the highest number was + 1(so if it was 005 you should rename it to 006), same goes for "re_chunk_000.pak.patch_002.pak" if my tool created one, go to whatever you renamed the 1st pak my tool made + 1(so if it was 006, re_chunk_000.pak.patch_002.pak should be 007), than place the PAKS my tool made inside the update.

9: Build The Update and install it on the PS4 (I will not explain how to do this, you can find videos about this topic online)

Bonus: Fixing any bugs that might appear due to missing streaming assets, I've explained how to fix it on this topic #25 <- should be done before step 7 but after step 6, if that does not fix the mod and it still has issues, remove the mod, it likely wont work on the PS4.

If you still can't figure it out, not much I can do.