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We've seen a MGS HD Remake, a FFVII Dreamake, some RDR2 Mods and the latest Red Dead Online PS4 creation in Dreams by Media Molecule comes from Rikkiscafe via iferraz2. šŸ¤ 

For those who haven't encountered it firsthand, in Red Dead Online many players have been randomly kicked from the game without warning... and now that RDO experience has been recreated in Dreams as you play a cowboy walking around before being sporadically disconnected from gameplay. šŸ¤¬

Download: Someone_made_Red_Dead_Online_in_Dreams_RedDeadOnline.mp4 (5.89 MB)

Previously Rockstar Obtained Warrants to Search Homes of game modders, so here's to hoping they'll look upon this in a different light and actually remedy all of the issues players report about. :sneaky:

Here's Sonic in Dreams on PS4 heating things up via Twitter and some others: :fire:

Red Dead Online Recreation in Dreams on PS4 by Rikkiscafe.jpg



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And the game was just made available to everyone. Most everything shown is from early access creators.

In about a month or two it's going to explode with awesome stuff.


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hate how RS/T2 is pulling this crap i get it for online cheating in RDO/GTAO but one player modding should be left alone

actually there should be another exemption for PC game modding under the DMCA for single player games... and they wonder why we hack our systems? it's not only backups but sites allow for mods to be downloaded for pc and console games

is there anyway to get in on dreams or still in beta

edit i see it got releasaed on valentines day
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