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The day @handsfromhell has been patiently waiting for is here in time to enjoy over the 4th of July weekend... enter the first Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Mod Menu v1.13 / v1.19 / v1.24 dubbed the RDR2 Oysters Menu by @RF0oDxM0Dz (rfoodxmodz on Twitter) for those in the PS4Scene with a Jailbroken PS4 console! 🎆

🧨 PS4 RDR 2 Mod Menu 1.13 / 1.19 / 1.24 Free + Paid Mod Menu 🎇🥳
Following the RDR2 PS4 Gold Bar Duplication Glitch, Red Dead Redemption 2 Modding Demos, RDR2 PS4 Models and Textures Tool, Red.Dead.Redemption.2.Update.v1.24.PS4-UNLiMiTED update, the ArabicGuy v1.0 GTA V Mod Menu Source Code, ArabicGuy v1.1 GTA V Mod Menu for PS4, GTA V ArabicGuy Mod Menu Demo Update and the GTA V Native Caller PS4 Port to GTA 1.32 Pack developer @RF0oDxM0Dz released on both a free and paid PS4 RDR 2 Mod Menu 1.13 / 1.19 / 1.24 alongside a video showcase on RFOoD x MoDz's YouTube Channel:

:arrow: RDR2 Oysters Menu:

⚠️ The mod menu supports CUSA08519 game region only! ⚠️

Free Menu
  • PS4 FW: 5.05, 6.72, 7.02, 7.55
  • GAME VER: 1.13 / 1.19 / 1.24 EU
  • Limited Options
  • Free Updates
  • A Great Menu To Play With
  • Download: Oysters-Free.bin (RDR2 Oysters Menu Page)
Paid Menu
  • PS4 FW: 5.05, 6.72, 7.02, 7.55
  • GAME VER: 1.13 / 1.19 / 1.24 EU
  • Lifetime Membership
  • Free Updates
  • A Great Menu To Play With
  • Access To Really Unique Features
  • Buy: Cost is $35 (Purchase)
PS4 JB RDR2 Oysters Menu Paid + Free

Finally for those still in the PS3Scene, the ScorpionSPRX Team also have a paid Scorpion SPRX GTAV Modding (BLES Only) Mod Menu available on the ScorpionSPRX Page for $22 (Order) with some demo videos below: 🎮

New Scorpion Sprx BETA 2.0 GTA 5 PS3 HEN/CEX/DEX 2020 PAID


Cheers to @Andrew Marques for passing along the initial news on this PS4 Mod Menu's development, and much <3 to @RF0oDxM0Dz for sharing the WIP videos of it in action several months ago! 🍻
From RDR3 Get Entity Address 1.24-EU by rfoodxmodz
_DWORD getEnttiyAddress(int Entity)
    _DWORD v4;
    _DWORD v5;
    _DWORD v6;
    _DWORD v7;
    v4 = (unsigned int)(Entity >> 8);
    _DWORD v8 = *(_DWORD*)(0x9298D28);
      v5 = *(_DWORD*)(v8 + 8) + (unsigned int)(*(_DWORD *)(v8 + 28) * v4);
    v6 = *(_DWORD*)(v5 + 8);
    return v6;

bool IsEntityStatic(int Entity) {
       _DWORD entityAddr = getEnttiyAddress(Entity);
       if ( *(_BYTE *)(entityAddr + 790) ) {
        return true;
    return false;

//Made By rfoodxmodz
Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) PS4 Mod Menu v1.19 by RF0oDxM0Dz!.jpg



Senior Member
What a great news to hear today !! I hope you keep updating and adding new cheats to the Free version and not only focusing on the paid one , also if you can make it compatible with update v1.24 will be great since the game improved a lot with it

Big thanks to you @RF0oDxM0Dz for making such a dream to be true