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Following his previous Partial BD-JB Reimplementation, PSXDev's Prospero App0 List and John Tornblom's PS5FileDump Updates in PS5 Scene news this weekend developer @sleirsgoevy (Twitter) updated his PS5 BD-JB Github repository with a PlayStation 5 PoC to print the app0 directory listing while noting, "there is more to come." :geek:

Download: / GIT

Below are some related article links, and from the README.txt:
BD-JB reimplementation based on TheFlow's report and presentation. This PoC for the PS5 just prints the directory listing of /app0, but there is more to come.
Reimplementation of PS5 BD-JB (No Kernel) & App0 Listing by Sleirsgoevy.jpg



I wonder if you can get online with a BD Game Running. Maybe something like the Save resign uses player ID 000000000 than swaps Random to your own ID. But maybe that isnt possible