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Recently @dzesiu2002 asked about Remarrying / Repacking PS4 PKGs in the private area for Verified Members, so for those joining the PS4Scene since the PS4 Jailbreak 9.00 Exploit below is a guide by @Archi55 (Ko-fi Page <3) on How to Remarry / Repack Game Updates to Base Packages installed on a Jailbroken PS4 console. :geek:

Before diving in, this comes following several related articles (sorted by date with the oldest first) worth a peek including:
:arrow: Also, here's a brief guide on Rebuilding PS4 PKGs Manually courtesy of @jwooh:
  1. Unpack the update with orbis-pub-chk, passcode should be all zero's.
  2. Copy all the stuff from the Sc0 folder then open the Image0 and find the sce_sys open it and paste the stuff you copied from the Sc0 folder in it.
  3. Rename the Image0 folder to CUSA02624-patch (if game's Title ID is CUSA02624, otherwise adjust accordingly using TitleID-patch name format).
  4. Run gengp4 to make a gp4 file for the patch.
  5. Run orbis-pub-gen, click on the file button in the upper left hand corner and pick open then find the gp4 file you made using gengp4 open it.
  6. Click the command button in orbis-pub-gen go to the project settings and click on that.
  7. On the project settings page click the tab that says patch now, you should have two places that say select.. click the top one and find your base game then click okay at the bottom left hand corner.
  8. You should be back on the main screen for orbis-pub-gen, click on the build button in the right hand corner then down close to the bottom.. click the select button and pick a place where you want to save the new patch pkg.
  9. Then hit the build button, at the bottom and it should make you a new patch that matches the base for you. :)
:note: How to Remarry / Repack PS4 Game Updates to Installed Base PKGs by @Archi55


You'll need an FPKG Generator Below v3.87, or the recommended latest FPKG Generator v3.87 via @CyB1K (Twitter) for this tutorial.

  1. Extract all the files and directories from the update PKG with 'orbis-pub-chk.exe' (passcode all 0's, if not then someone used different passcode or it's a retail PKG).

    :idea: For extracting @jwooh notes PS4PKGViewer can also be used to extract the files (in lieu of orbis-pub-chk.exe), but if PS4PKGViewer is used be aware in the next step you don't need to move the Sc0 contents to Image0/sce_sys only need to add -patch to the folder name.

    ⚠️ However, @Archi55 reminds us (as PS4PKGViewer hasn't been updated recently) PKGs made with newer tools might produce errors when extracting with PS4PKGViewer... so FPKG Generator may offer more reliable results overall. :tup:

  2. Move the Sc0 contents to Image0/sce_sys and Overwrite. Then Delete the Sc0 folder and Rename the Image0 folder to CUSAxxxxx-patch.

    Note: If the folder is named not as CUSAxxxxx-app or CUSAxxxxx-patch, then in the next step gengp4.exe / gengp4_patch.exe will change the PARAM.SFO!!! But if you name them in this way, everything will be good. :)

    After you move all content from Sc0 to Image0/sce_sys/ you don't need the empty Sc0 folder, and after you build the new update PKG you don't need the raw files (CUSAxxxxx-patch)... so you can delete all that trash, but only after building not while the process is running.

    Note 2: Remember that PS4 Game Updates are cumulative, meaning that update v1.05 already includes all the files from lower updates too, for example v1.04, v1.03, etc.

  3. In gengp4.exe (with FPKG Generator v2.89 / v3.12 / v3.38) or gengp4_patch.exe (from latest FPKG Generator v3.87), choose CUSAxxxxx-patch and create the project file (the .gp4) by clicking Generate .GP4 and save it.

  4. Open in orbis-pub-gen.exe that generated *.gp4 project file from Step 3.

  5. Click Command -> Project Setting -> Patch Tab: In 'Application package:' field choose your base game PKG file that what you want to be married with the new update PKG file.

  6. Now just build package with 'Build' button, select a desired output path where you want to save the 'married' update to and click OK.

  7. Wait until all is finished... sometimes it may look like it's frozen and throw 'Warnings' but don't be surprised, just wait as only 'Errors' are issues.

    Note: Be patient, remarrying update 80 GB to base game 20 GB may take 1-2 hours or more depending on how good your PC components are and how many updated files are inside. ;)

:note: How to Remarry / Repack PS4 Game Updates to Installed Base PKGs F.A.Q. by @Archi55

Q: How to know which PS4 Updates need remarrying without installing and waiting for an error to show?

A: If the PS4 Game Dumper / Uploader includes file info (such as an MD5/SHA1/SHA256 or other checksums), then you can compare if they match or not. Some tips:
  • Often Dumpers / Uploaders will include details on what release the updates are compatible with or are intended for, such as "works with the Duplex scene release" etc.

  • In some cases (such as private game dumps) if Duplex didn't release a specific update, then you must remarry it... or (when possible) download all of the related files from the same source.

  • If you don't remember the source, as long as you have both the base and update you can always remarry that update to match the base you already have (before installing all files on PS4).
⚠️ If you remarry an Update to the Base PKG file that you have, keep in mind it will work only for that base PKG and not for others.

Q: How are PS4 DLC PKG files handled for remarrying / repacking?

A: Since PS4 DLCs are not married to any base / updates, the CUSA numbers, entire Content ID inside of PARAM.SFO (which looks like XXXXXX-CUSA00000_00-ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ) and also Entitlement Key matter... which may not be default 0's and could differ between regions. :D

Q: Does remarrying work with original Sony PS4 PKG files or only PS4 Fake PKGs?

A: It only works with PS4 Fake PKGs.

Q: Do PS4 DLC Unlockers work with retail PS4 PKGs?

A: Yes, as confirmed by tungatung.

Q: Can answers to more PS4 Update PKG Remarrying / Repacking questions be added to this F.A.Q.?

A: Absolutely, the article (topic OP) will be updated with any additions or corrections periodically as time / need permits.

Q: ETA WEN PS4JB 9.03, 9.04, 9.50+?

A: There is currently no ETA for future PS4 jailbreak exploits, so the best advice is to avoid updating your PS4 Firmware / System Software for the best chance of running PS4 Game Backup PKGs via PS4 Torrents and Homebrew Apps once a new PS4 Jailbreak Exploit arrives.

<3 Special THANKS to @Archi55 for taking his time to share this information with everyone, and to @jwooh including all the Moderators / Uploaders / Staff for their continued help and dedication every day on the forums. 🤗
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I have found a new way to merge patch and app!! so it shows the correct version of the merged games and it works fine on PS4.

I have all my games merged with the newest patches and 30 games are working without errors, only one time at FIFA23 merged 01.10 the sounds wouldn't play but the game runs!!!

So you can look here how it works!!!

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