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Following his previous releases and Decrypted Audio Packet update, PlayStation 4 developer Twist3d89 of TMACDEV Forums has made available Remote Play PC Alpha v0.3.2.9 which includes preliminary support for PS4 Beta 2 Sasuke 4.50 Firmware with details and the changelog below. (-8

Remote Play PC Free ALPHA

Remote Play PC is a Windows application currently in Alpha stage that allows you to stream and control PS4 games on your PC. It's features include:
  • Stream at full 720P 60FPS scaled to your native desktop resolution
  • Dynamic controls - bind any controller or keyboard/mouse to DualShock 4 controls! (Mice are WIP, they are bindable but response is limited)
  • Connect directly to your PS4's WiFi! This has previously only be possible on the PS Vita.
  • Wakeup PS4 over LAN/WAN (Requires forwarded ports)
  • Direct IP connect from anywhere!
  • Lower latency compared to Android & PS Vita (may vary depending on PC specs)
Recommended Minimum Requirements
  • Windows PC running Vista or newer
  • Dual core 2Ghz CPU
  • DirectX 9 and OpenGL compatible graphics card
Remote Play PC Setup Tutorial Changelog
  • Fix for video delay some users were encountering
  • Preliminary support for PS4 Firmware 4.50 (Beta works)
Known Issues:
  • Black screen on start - this can happen when the first IDR frames get lost or corrupted, restart the stream to fix.
  • Dualshock 4 Touchpad & Gyro - These are not yet implemented, please don't ask about them. Read the ROAD MAP
  • Mouse Input - Mouse input is still a work-in-progress so don't complain that its 'laggy' or 'slow'. Please refer to the Lilypad Setup Tutorial or the configurations forum for more information on setting up mouse and keyboard.
Cheers to @Figure03 for the heads-up in the PSXHAX.COM Shoutbox! :thumbup:
Remote Play PC Alpha v0.3.2.9 by Twist3d89 with PS4 4.50 Beta Support.jpg



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Does this support lower versions? Cause I can register my PS4 but when I go to connect it fails to connect to the PS4 I checked the IP and its all correct I'm on 3.70 phat.
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