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Proceeding Is It, or Isn't? A PS4 Homebrew Game PKG and the Parental Controls Passcode Notification PS4 Payload, PS4Scene developer @nkrapivindev (@tijesef aka nekohaku / nkrapivin on Github) shared via Twitter a REMovePS4 PlayStation Move Emulator for PS4 Mira that allows you to play Just Dance 2020+ on Jailbroken PlayStation 4 console without a PSN account using @sleirsgoevy's (Twitter) Mira Build on his host with an Android device and the provided APK file below. šŸ“² šŸ•ŗšŸ’ƒ

Download: libREMove.sprx / REMove-Android-Client.apk / GIT / JustDanceModTools

Spoiler: Depreciated

Here's further REMovePS4 details from the


This is basically PS Move for the poor.

How to install?
  • Copy libREMove.sprx to /data/mira/substitute/CUSAXXXXX/, where CUSAXXXXX is the game you wish to patch.
  • Install the APK on your device.
  • Open the app, go to Settings and set your Console IP, usually you do not need to touch the port.
  • Run the game you wanted to patch, press "CONNECT" in the app, select your user, enjoy!
  • If the Android app goes into background the connection will stop and you will have to reconnect, this is because of Android rules.
  • Mira CFW only, I recommend sleirsgoevy's Mira build (on his host).
  • Requires a decent modern Android phone with a good accelerometer, gyroscope, and preferably a magnetometer to improve readings.
  • This simulates the PS Move only in the game process, the System UI (and PSN dialogs :p) know nothing about our funny simulation.
  • While you can log in as multiple users, the users need to be signed in to the game, as I cannot sign in for you. Hint: "Switch User" in the PS4 Quick Menu.
  • You may encounter sudden movement frame drops, that is sadly normal, I physically cannot poll the device as fast as the Move is.
  • Games using the "MoveTracker" library (the ones that track the Move through the Camera) will not work due to physical shape differences.

If you have the money to buy an Apple phone, you have the money to buy four PS Moves and a PS Camera, GO AWAY FROM HERE!

Windows Phone? Sailfish? UBPorts?

Maybe, the actual TCP protocol is dumb simple, but again, feel free to PR.

  • Zhilemann, BlackDoomer, [?] aka Der Leberkassemmel Fan - answering my stupid questions about physics.
  • sleirsgoevy - answering my stupid questions about PS4.
  • Sony - being a pain in the ass, as usual (we <3 Sony).
REMovePS4 PS4 Mira PlayStation Move Emulator for Just Dance 2020+.png


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