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Those interested in learning how to remove (zerofill) watermarks from retail / debug / dev / test PS4 PUP files can check out the Removing or Zerofilling Watermarks from PS4 PUPs video tutorial that PlayStation 4 Scene developer @zecoxao shared today via Twitter from his (C)ontrol e(X)ecute YouTube Channel. :geek:

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Removing or Zerofilling Watermarks from PS4 PUPs

How to remove (zerofill) watermarks from any PUP, retail, dev, or test PS4.

  • Bls unpacking tool (or pup unpacking tool) from skfu or my repo
  • HxD or any other Hexeditor
  • Calculator
Credits to Anonymous for the findings.

Removing or Zerofilling Watermarks from PS4 PUPs Guide via Zecoxao.png



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So it is able to unpack PS4 retail PUP(s) does this mean that it has the key (samu ?), as then only this is possible.

What does removing watermark do ?


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One reason for removing watermarks would be if an insider wanted to leak a DevKit / TestKit file like a .PUP to scene devs, but didn't want to risk losing their job if it was traced back to their developer studio.