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Following NoNpDrm v1.1, the NoNpDrm Key RIF Extractor and NoPsmDrm v1.2 updates today PlayStation Vita developer @CelesteBlue shared on Twitter demonstration videos of the upcoming ReNpDrm and ReStore for 3.60 taiHENkaku and Enso CFW on PS Vita alongside an XMAS countdown timer for the release on! :fire::tree::santa:

Download: (Storage Plugin) / restore.suprx (ReStore under *ALL in config.txt) / renpdrm.skprx (ReNpDrm under *KERNEL in config.txt) / GIT

Below are some related Tweets and the ReNpDrm / ReStore demonstration videos, as follows:

PSVita ReNpDrm by CelesteBlue showcase
Activates your 3.60 PSVita for playing your own purchased contents.

PSVita ReStore by CelesteBlue showcase
Makes the PSStore works again on 3.60.
Download: (1.09 GB) / (Mirror)
Download: PSVita-ELF-builder.exe / vita-make-fself.exe / vita-unmake-fself.exe / PSVita ELF Builder GIT

ReNpDrm and ReStore for PS Vita Demo Videos by CelesteBlue.jpg


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