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I'll tell you how i achieved this and i hope this will help others with other games like this as well. maybe some steps are not necessary but this is how i did it:

1. install EP1004-CUSA00411_00-GTAVDIGITALDOWNL-A0100-V0105.pkg
2. dump it with xvortex dumper 1.6 and split option
3. go to cusa00411-app/sce_sys/param.sfo and open it with orbis-pub-sfo.exe (faketools 1.2) and change master version 1.05 to 1.00 and save it.
4. create gp4 with gengp4 and build the pkg with orbis-pub-gen.
5. now you've got your own EP1004-CUSA00411_00-GTAVDIGITALDOWNL-A0100-V0100.pkg keep it because we need it later.
6. use orbis-pub-chk and extract jhonnys v1.21 update with passcode 00000000000000000000000000000000 to the cusa00411-patch folder
7. now you have got 2 folders. image0 and sc0. you have to integrate the content of sc0 to image0/sce_sys. there will be a folder called "app" in the sc0 folder. there is a playgo-chunk.dat in it which you will have to put in image0/sce_sys and overwrite it with the existing one. then you can delete the folder "app" because we don't need it to be in image0/sce_sys.
8. now you've got your patch files in the right structure (compare with the file structure from your previous made dump of cusa00411-app if you are unsure) but they are still inside the cusa0411-patch/image0/... so now you have to take all files from image0 and move them to cusa0411-patch. now delete the empty image0 folder.
9. use gengp4 and create gp4 from cusa0411-patch folder.
10. build the patch gp4 with orbis-pub-gen. it will be successful because it finds the EP1004-CUSA00411_00-GTAVDIGITALDOWNL-A0100-V0100.pkg you created in step 5.
11. when its finished, you've got your game.pkg in v1.00 and your own created v1.21 patch.pkg from jhonny and both install fine!

Try it out. this is how i got it running on my machine!

:arrow: Here's an updated version from @alexandre47 also, to quote:

1) Create CUSA00419-patch folder
2) Extract all files and directories of UP1004-CUSA00419_00-GTAVDIGITALDOWNL-A0121-V0100.pkg with orbis-pub-chk in CUSA00419-patch folder (passcode is 00000000000000000000000000000000)
3) Delete UP1004-CUSA00419_00-GTAVDIGITALDOWNL-A0121-V0100.pkg
4) Move all the content in CUSA00419-patch/Sc0/ to CUSA00419-patch/Image0/sce_sys/
5) Delete Sc0 folder
6) Move playgo-chunk.dat from CUSA00419-patch/Image0/sce_sys/app/ to CUSA00419-patch/Image0/sce_sys/ and overwrite it
7) Delete app folder
8) Move all the content in CUSA00419-patch/Image0/ to CUSA00419-patch/
9) Delete Image0 folder
10) Create gp4 of CUSA00419-patch folder with gengp4 v1.7 and save it
11) Open CUSA00419-patch.gp4 with orbis-pub-gen, go to Command->Project Setting->Patch and look at Application package:
12a) If you see (Package Digest: XXXXXXXXXXX...), click OK
12b) If you see (Image is not valid), click Select, go to the folder where UP1004-CUSA00419_00-GTAVDIGITALDOWNL-A0100-V0100.pkg is and open it, click OK
13) Go to Command->Build Image->Select Output Path->Build
14) Done :)

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@stripnwild You mean the output folder?, if i'm reading this right, you have the option on where to extract the files, it's been there the whole time, just press the select button on the top right then you can choose where to extract your files, it's not set in a specific destination

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