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Development is heating up on a RetroArch PS4 Official Version soon for Jailbroken PlayStation 4 users according to libretro on Twitter, with the latest progress updates from PS4Scene homebrew developers bigboss, fjtrujy and frangar including loading SELFs and assets from NFS via OrbisLink, RetroArch compiled with the OrbisDev Toolchain using the latest LLVM 13 version alongside the Nintendo NES / Famicom Emulator FCEUmm running in PS4 through RetroArch in the latest nightly update! 👾 🔥

Github Repositories: Fjtrujy GIT / Frangarcj GIT / Libretro GIT / Orbisdev GIT / Psxdev GIT

This comes following the initial RetroArch PS4 Orbis Support in Development news and the RetroArch PS4 Native Emulator Unofficial Port PKG Updates, with the latest demonstration videos available in the Tweets below.
RetroArch PS4 Official Version Soon, FCEUmm NES Emulator Progress Updates.jpg



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current ps4 version i think is called R4, but I believe it is an unofficial release. Whereas this would be an official release?! (I could be wrong though) I have r4 installed. Either way looking forward to the official new release when it drops.


@mwalumax Probably there'll be no Switch-Emulator for the PS4 as the host hardware needs to be approximately 10 times faster than the one to emulate.

But if someone manages to address the CPU/GPU power correctly – anything is possible in theory :)

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