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If you're a retrogamer like myself you recently downloaded MAME 0.180 or it's MAMEUI equivalent, and since covering Nintendo's NES Classic Edition I ran across the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign by the Doyodo Team for their RetroEngine Sigma mini console and media player which looks promising! :love:

The handheld RetroEngine Sigma console simplifies retrogaming by emulating over 28 classic gaming machines as an all-in-one computer with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth capability, 4K-mediacenter and retro-station starting at $49 (includes 16GB microSD card and USB gaming controller) and shipping this coming April, 2017 with more details on their Facebook and Twitter social media feeds.

RetroEngine Sigma by Doyodo 4.jpgEmulators are installed from public sources and repositories via smartphone or tablet, and for video game ROMs you can grab all you'll need on disc or hard drive sets from sites such as ROM-Burner.

Check out the RetroEngine Sigma demonstration video, console specs and currently supported systems below! :D
RetroEngine Sigma by Doyodo.jpg

RetroEngine Sigma by Doyodo 2.jpg

RetroEngine Sigma by Doyodo 3.jpg



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Nice but don't see a point to buy a slim console/pc ... have all i need on my CSL-NarrowBox4K for Emulation this stuff and my loved good old game Dumps :)


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For me it would just be convenience, I used to have a bulky fullsize MAME cabinet with a frontend to load various emulators but sold it years back.

At the moment I just run emulators on my desktop PC whenever I get the itch to play M.U.L.E. or Gauntlet... two of my favs <3
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