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Following his previous updates, this weekend Quake of SubZero Dezigns updated his RetroList RetroArch Tool to v1.1.0.6 followed by v1.1.0.7 with the changes outlined below. (y)

Download: RetroList / RetroArch Tools (Latest Version)

To quote from his e-mail on this latest release: Hello World, RetroList: / RetroTools

I've updated my RetroList RetroArch tool to include sub-directories for paths in the Playlist's for non-PC.

Are you sick of your Roms not showing up in the Playlist? Not any more. Manually make your Playlist of your Roms for RetroArch. RetroArch relies on a DB (Database) of a Rom List. If your Game (Rom) is not in the RetroArch DB it'll not show up in the Playlist under the Console Section. Rectify this by Manually Making your own Playlist.

RetroList 1.0.6
  • Added: Drive Letter Replace
  • Ability: PC/USB(Console) Grabs multiple Sub-Directories
  • Useful if you keep Disc 1of4 files in their own Folders
X can be anything ur0, uma0, ms0, Or Other
:arrow: Update: RetroTools update by SubZero DeZigns

I've recently updated the RetroList to version 1.0.7 to be more PS3 friendly. Here are the changes:

  • Added: MKDIR for Image Dirs
  • Added: Rom List Click Preview
  • Added: Colon Remove check
  • Added: Preset Slider selections
  • Edited: 5 Char Lock to 15 - Replace textbox
  • Fixed: A few minor issues
Changes might not seem PS3 friendly till you dig into the settings for Replace Drive. Just give it a try, and see what you come up with.

BTW, By using the Replace drive you can use sub-directories for your Roms. This is the whole idea of what Replace Drive is for. "Sub-Directories" ("RetroArch doesn't support this when it scans for files.")

/dev_usb006/PSXISO/GAME 1/Disc 1
/dev_usb006/PSXISO/GAME 1/Disc 2
/dev_usb006/PSXISO/GAME 1/Disc 3
/dev_usb006/PSXISO/GAME 1/Disc 4

/dev_usb006/PSXISO/GAME 2/Disc 1
/dev_usb006/PSXISO/GAME 2/Disc 2
/dev_usb006/PSXISO/GAME 2/Disc 3
Quake aka SubZero DeZigns

RetroList RetroArch Tool Updated by Quake of SubZero Dezigns.jpg



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For those following, I've updated the OP with the latest on RetroTools v1.1.0.7 by SubZero DeZigns from his email and as always the latest file downloads can be found on his ongoing forum thread HERE. (y)
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