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This Thread is a ROAD to ML!

Every time something New is posted about Magic Leap, it will get added here. Please feel welcome to post it anything you want about Magic Leap or even it's competitors HoloLens And Meta 2 in this thread. (any future competitors are also welcome.)

Magic Leap Official Website
Although it's mainly a Magic Leap thread.

While you read listen to THIS, for some fun. ;)

Spoiler: See Magic Leap's latest videos HERE:

Spoiler: | BackStory | OTHER GREAT VIDEOS:

Spoiler: Wikipedia Source

Spoiler: Tweets


#MagicLeap on Reddit

#MagicLeap on ChrunchBase

#MagicLeap on FlipBoard

#MagicLeap on Twitter

#MagicLeap on FaceBook

#MagicLeap on YouTube

VRWiki - Magic Leap


Karl Guttag on Technology
GPU Of The Brain - Magic Leap Blog

Current Job Openings at Magic Leap, Inc.

Magic Leap may call its mixed reality device the Magic Leap One
Filmmaker Doug Trumbull is creating a 21st Century movie theater experience

The Untold Story of Magic Leap, the World’s Most Secretive Startup
Inside Magic Leap, The Secretive $4.5 Billion Startup Changing Computing Forever

[B]Results of Search in AppFT Database for:[/B] [B]"magic leap"[/B]: patent applications.

FULL WIRED Interview From #WiredBizCon 6/16/2016
Magic Leap’s Next Move? Bringing C-3PO to Your House
10 Mysteries in Magic Leap’s Infamous TEDx Talk?—?That You Might Have Missed — Medium
The TedX Talk From 2015 & Explanation
Demystifying Magic Leap: What Is it and How Does it Work?
What The Binary ACTUALLY Means from the TedX Talk on Magic Leap from 2013 : magicleap

Magic Leap is getting ready to test its reportedly game-changing technology in the real world
Brenda Freeman Joins Magic Leap As Chief Marketing Officer
Magic Leap’s former marketing chief is leaving to work with Andy Rubin

Magic leap on Machinima | watch at the end of the video | About 15:06 in

Breaking: Oscar-Winning Studio Moonbot Bought by Magic Leap

[B]Magic Leap core technology[/B]

[B]Magic Leap Has Quietly Built a 40-Person VR Team in Austin[/B]
What's the Difference Between HoloLens, Meta & Magic Leap?

New Magic Leap Videos Shows AR Shopping and Voice Control



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