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In PS5Scene news today, @Kempy161 on Twitter was able to get the PS4 title Robinson: The Journey running on his PlayStation 5 by editing the NP-PS4AppCategory.txt whitelist via PS5 FTP stating, "np-ps4appcategory.txt stores the whitelist that stops us from using certain PS4 games on PS5. Edit it via FTP and we can boot into games that we weren't meant to :)"

When asked by @GrimDoe on Twitter if Silent Hills PT was also on the list, he responded:

"No, but thats ok. The list only contains the titles that are allowed to be run, so for games like Robinson or PT we have to put them back on the list ourselves."

He also notes HERE and HERE on Twitter: "If anyone wants the whitelist file path, it's /mnt/sandbox/NPXS40000_000/(string of numbers+letters)/priv/ps4appcategory/np-ps4appcategory.txt

There is another version of the file you can try in /system_data/priv/ps4appcategory/np-ps4appcategory.txt"
Video game hacker and modder extraordinaire @manfightdragon also reaffirmed this on Twitter, to quote:

"Using the new PS5 hack, Kempy managed to edit the whitelist on PS5 which prevents you from playing certain PS4 games (yes, such as P.T.) on the console. He doesn't have access to a copy of P.T. on his account, sadly. But tested it with Robinson: The Journey and it works."

:arrow: For those just joining us, some previous P.T. articles (sorted by date with the oldest first) can be found linked below:
Spoiler: P.T. on PS5 Tweets & Videos

here is my app.db I share it with great pleasure I also added the NPXS20993
move the folder NPXS20993 to /system_ex/app/NPXS20993/sce_sys
I created an icon specifically for PS5 Debug Settings a surprise is coming soon :hushedface:
★Debug Settings PS5
  • PKG install works
I still have to do some tests on my PS5 on the ★Debug Settings
I share with great pleasure my app.db for debug settings which is already included on PS5
copy what I put in app.db Debug Settings already on PS5
any pkg can be installed, but not all pkgs
you need to activate
the Hack not compatible with BD-JB at the moment
app.db Debug Settings PS5
Thanks to Kempy161. Make all functional PS4 games on PS5, even T.P completes the list manually by adding causes in order and ftp it to /mnt/sandbox/NPXS40000_000/(string of numbers+letters)/priv/ps4appcategory/np-ps4appcategory.txt
Cheers to @Kempy161 on Twitter for sharing the screenshot below! 🍻
Robinson The Journey PS4 on PS5 via NP-PS4AppCategory.txt Edit by Kempy161.jpg



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one thread to another thread ... which leads a rope towards backups running on P$5 in coming weeks.. :bananaman9:


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To reminisce briefly... I remember before @flatz's Custom / Repacked PS4 PKGs and Method to Handle PS4 FPKGs Write-up making Fake PKGs the norm, others including @zecoxao got PS4 Game Backups Running on DevKits / TestKits like The Playroom and shared a PS4 Retail / Debug Game Transfusion Guide followed by PS4 NPDRM (Retail) PKG to Debug PKG Conversion before Revisiting PS4 Game Backups on v1.76 Retail Consoles and eventually Playing a Minecraft Trial on a Retail PS4 confirming Backup PS4 Games No Longer Require Patches.

Sooner or later PS5 scene devs will sort everything out, patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait... until my local Walmart electronics department has PlayStation 5 consoles in stock at an uninflated price (never?! :p) I'll hold off getting one.