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Following the PS4 Remote PKG Installer release by PlayStation 4 scene developer @flatz (Twitter), here is RPI_GUI on my Github which is a PS4 Remote Package Installer Web GUI (Graphical User Interface) to help simplify the process.

Download: (27.8 MB) / (28.0 MB) / / GIT

From the, roughly translated: PS4 Remote Package Installer WEB GUI

WEB GUI for PS4 Remote Package Installer

The speed is limited only by the bandwidth of your network.

Full guide using UwAmp WEB Server

PS4 and your PC must be on the same network and see each other

1. Clean all traces from previous HEN, clean cookies, cache and run HEN 1.8 (
2. Install the PKG (remote_pkg_installer.pkg - 4.1 MB)
3. Download and unpack ( - 77.8 MB) it requires Visual C ++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4
4. In the folder www you throw off the game * .pkg
5. Run Remote Package Installer
6. Run UwAmp.exe
7. Access the browser at http: // <ip of your pc>: 8080, not http: // localhost: 8080
8. Enter the ip of your PS4 and choose a game from the list, next time it’s rainy to automatically enter its url
9. Push send

If the page loads for a long time, update and update it again.

If everything went well, it will be something like:

Successful game: Valkyria Chronicles is set, task_id: 77 Check operation task_id: 77

All task_id are in task_id.txt in the www folder.

As soon as the installation started successfully, a notification appeared on the PS4, in the browser we saw "Successfully", Remote Package Installer on the PS4, wait a minute and can be minimized. Further, all the progress can be viewed on the PS4

During installation, you can not close UwAmp.exe on PC

Possible errors leading to the appearance of "No connection with PS4, or cURL is not installed" The wrong console ip address is entered, PS4 does not use HEN 1.8, Remote Package Installer is not running on PS4.

For all questions and suggestions I wait, the script will be updated and refined.

Demo Video:

PS4 Remote Package Installer Web GUI by sc0rpion via ohcHIT
PS4 Remote Package Installer Tutorial (5.05 Jailbreak)
RPI_GUI PS4 Remote Package Installer Web GUI by Sc0prion.jpg



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Add the rest of the options in on the RPI_GUI also add some color in the background and yes your tool works nice and could be even better when you add to it.. cheerZ and thanX..


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Thanks, I split the topics and moved this to a main page article of its own now.

The only thing that doesn't work at the moment for me is the following link: Installed RP

If anyone grabbed that file before it went down share a mirror and we'll add it to the OP. :cool:


This still doesnt work. Tried both GUI and CMD method and I always get "Unable to set up prerequisites for package" error. I am on self-hosted HEN 1.8 and running Win 10. And yes, I have downloaded the updated PS4 PKG.

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