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Following his last guide, today PlayStation 4 developer @MODDEDWARFARE let us know on Twitter that he's posted a new video tutorial on his YouTube Channel covering How to Run Fake / Custom Package (PKG) Files from USB / HDD on jailbroken PS4 4.05 and 4.55 consoles. :cool:

Here's a summary from the video's description, to quote: How to run custom/fake package files such as PS4 backup games, homebrew apps and PS2 games on a 4.55 PS4.

This video also covers how to run the package files from a USB device instead of the internal hard drive.

Download Links:
Running Fake  Custom Package (PKG) Files from USB  HDD Guide.jpg



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I just saw the video tutorial and it was easy and simple,
but I have 1 comment MODDEDWARFARE that you don't need to manually copy your games to the PS4 folder then to a folder with there ID bc the payload will do it for you automatically if uncomment the //CHECK_USB in the ini.

you can read about this new function from the Dev himself in this post.

thanx again to Dev and @MODDEDWARFARE for his great video tut.