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Following his Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) Game Modder v1.0 & DBFZ PS4 Mods, developer @Markus95 (aka @Kus00095) released via Twitter a Saturn2PS5 v1.0 utility offering retrogamers another chance to relive converted Saturn titles on Exploited PS5 consoles running 4.03 / 4.50 / 4.51 (Untested) Firmware versions. šŸŖšŸ•¹ļø

Download: saturn2PS5_v1.0.rar (303.82 MB - includes Create_Saturn_PKG_PS5_v1.0.bat) / Mirror / Markus00095's PayPal Page <3

This comes proceeding SATURN-FPKG v1.2 by JabuPL and Saturn2PS4 v1.2.1 by Markus95, with further details from his release at roughly translated: [PS5] Saturn2PS5 V1.0 for all PS5 4.03/4.50

A little while ago I published a first version of Saturn2ps4 taking into account the PS5, unfortunately this version was not compatible with all PS5s.

So I looked for the problem and here is a new version called Saturn2ps5 100% functional with ALL PS5 jailbreak 4.03/4.50. You should no longer encounter an error code when launching your game.

This new tool will allow you to convert any Saturn game for your PS5, it is made up of 3 different versions:
  • Cotton 2
  • Cotton Boomerang
  • Guardian Force
You will be able to choose the emulator in order to optimize the functioning of your Saturn games, knowing that if one version does not work, another will work...

I am currently working on PS2 2 PS5 v1.0, in order to optimize the launch of PS2 games on all PS5 Jailbreak with choice of emulator, menu customization, etc...

To support me in my work, a small donation doesn't hurt ^^: Markus00095 <3
Saturn2PS5 v1.0 to Play Saturn Games on PS5 4.03 4.50 by Markus95.png


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