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Following the initial news from @harryoke on Save Wizard for PS4 MAX alongside a PS4 Save Wizard Tutorial and updated PS4 Save Wizard Guide, the PS4SaveWizard Team just announced their next generation of cheat software called Save PS4 Edition. 🤑

For those who don't mind forking out $49.99 for PlayStation 4 game save cheats, their latest product includes the ability to view save information as shown on the PS4... but compared to the Save Wizard for PS4 MAX costing $59.99 Profiles drop from 3 down to 1, there is No Advanced Mode, No User-Entered Cheats and a Modern Browser is Required versus running on Windows 7+, macOS or Linux. Does saving $10 justify losing those things? :unsure:

Currently there are approximately 41,220 cheats covered spanning 832 PS4 games, and below are additional details from the Save Wizard Online: PS4 Edition site to quote:

Introducing Save PS4 Edition, our next generation of cheat software!

Based on the technology behind the original and best selling PlayStation 4 cheat software, Save PS4 Edition gives you instant access to the same quality cheats and library of games as its sister product.

You too can now enjoy cheats for hundreds of games such as Max Gold Keys for Borderland 3, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice with Max Stats or the classic GTA V with Max Money all from within a modern web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

Compatible with any region or model of PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro using System Software 7.00 or below, Save PS4 Edition offers you the ability to add cheats to your very own save!

Save PS4 Edition allows you to transfer saves from other accounts to your own, a feature not available on the PlayStation 4 itself! Known as re-signing, you can take any save and Save PS4 Edition will allow you to transfer it to your account.

  • Includes real cheats to apply to your saves.
  • Transfer saves from other accounts to your own
  • Automatically includes the latest cheats and supported games.
  • Quick Mode allows cheats to be simply and quickly applied to your save.
  • Automatically backs up your save before performing modifications.
  • Includes 2GB of online storage (shared between current and backed up saves).
  • Includes one profile.
  • Free updates
  • Free support
  • A computer running any modern web browser such as Chrome or Firefox with at least 8GB free space and an internet connection.
  • A PlayStation 4 with “Copy to USB Storage Device” enabled (a PlayStation Network account may be required to activate this) and running up to System Software 7.00.
  • USB drive with at least 8GB free and compatible with your PlayStation 4 and computer.
:arrow: Finally, below are some related topics covering free PS4 Cheats and GameSave alternatives sorted by date with the oldest first:
Save Wizard.Online PS4 Edition Announced by PS4SaveWizard Team.jpg

Save Wizard.Online PS4 Edition Announced by PS4SaveWizard Team 2.jpg

Save Wizard.Online PS4 Edition Announced by PS4SaveWizard Team 3.jpg



For those who wonder why the latest firmware exploits are not released...
Some are earning a nice buck with Save Wizard... :D

They can decrypt and encrypt saves hours after a new firmware update


Staff Member
Indeed. Welcome to the scene, where some are licensed game devs by day, homebrew sceners at night and moonlight peddling for-profit / re-drm products... when opportunity knocks they go rogue and sell out to Chinese cloners just before finally leaking the code for free on the Internet after receiving the full circle payout... then rinse their hands clean of everything, grin and repeat in the next scene. 🤫


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There's little need except for people too busy, lazy or ignorant to use one of the free alternatives listed above for PS4 game cheats.

Keep in mind we cover both free and paid stuff as long as it's related to PlayStation for the most part, but here's to hoping one day the 'magic' dec/enc code utilized by Save Wizard makes its way to the public. ;)


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Hopefully they don't earn much with it so that in the end they don't care about keeping an exploit in private, respectively they don't try to prevent anybody who wants to make it public somewhere in the future :D
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