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Following the initial news from @harryoke on Save Wizard for PS4 MAX alongside a PS4 Save Wizard Tutorial and updated PS4 Save Wizard Guide, the PS4SaveWizard Team just announced their next generation of cheat software called Save PS4 Edition. 🤑

For those who don't mind forking out $49.99 for PlayStation 4 game save cheats, their latest product includes the ability to view save information as shown on the PS4... but compared to the Save Wizard for PS4 MAX costing $59.99 Profiles drop from 3 down to 1, there is No Advanced Mode, No User-Entered Cheats and a Modern Browser is Required versus running on Windows 7+, macOS or Linux. Does saving $10 justify losing those things? :unsure:

Currently there are approximately 41,220 cheats covered spanning 832 PS4 games, and below are additional details from the Save Wizard Online: PS4 Edition site to quote:

Introducing Save PS4 Edition, our next generation of cheat software!

Based on the technology behind the original and best selling PlayStation 4 cheat software, Save PS4 Edition gives you instant access to the same quality cheats and library of games as its sister product.

You too can now enjoy cheats for hundreds of games such as Max Gold Keys for Borderland 3, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice with Max Stats or the classic GTA V with Max Money all from within a modern web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

Compatible with any region or model of PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro using System Software 7.00 or below, Save PS4 Edition offers you the ability to add cheats to your very own save!

Save PS4 Edition allows you to transfer saves from other accounts to your own, a feature not available on the PlayStation 4 itself! Known as re-signing, you can take any save and Save PS4 Edition will allow you to transfer it to your account.

  • Includes real cheats to apply to your saves.
  • Transfer saves from other accounts to your own
  • Automatically includes the latest cheats and supported games.
  • Quick Mode allows cheats to be simply and quickly applied to your save.
  • Automatically backs up your save before performing modifications.
  • Includes 2GB of online storage (shared between current and backed up saves).
  • Includes one profile.
  • Free updates
  • Free support
  • A computer running any modern web browser such as Chrome or Firefox with at least 8GB free space and an internet connection.
  • A PlayStation 4 with “Copy to USB Storage Device” enabled (a PlayStation Network account may be required to activate this) and running up to System Software 7.00.
  • USB drive with at least 8GB free and compatible with your PlayStation 4 and computer.
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Spoiler: Tweets
Save Wizard.Online PS4 Edition Announced by PS4SaveWizard Team.jpg

Save Wizard.Online PS4 Edition Announced by PS4SaveWizard Team 2.jpg

Save Wizard.Online PS4 Edition Announced by PS4SaveWizard Team 3.jpg



When i see on the net the amount of slots and accounts are being sold/traded, i think they already had massive earnings and they will not pass this milk cow...

You would be surprised how many people want to cheat or use saves from someone else, especially cause you dont need a jailbroken PS4 for this.

The entire playstation userbase can use Save Wizard.


Staff Member
It took awhile but eventually the True Blue PS3 dongle source code and TB PS3 disc BCA codes were leaked publicly after they squeezed the last drop of cash they could out of the re-DRM device... then they moved on to Cobra Blackfin for PS Vita, Stargate 3DS / NX junk and TrueBlueMini for the PlayStation Classic mini console.

I've been in the PlayStation scene around 20 years now, and this tactic has been recycled since the first 12c508 PSX mod-chips and will likely continue until the OG's retire (many are in their 50's now, so perhaps another 10-15 years unless they take an early retirement).

Most smart sceners just wait long enough and everything usually ends up free when it's no longer profitable, but those who are impatient will impulsively buy stuff because they want everything 'now' and by the time a free solution comes around they've long since moved on and got over blowing hard-earned cash foolishly.


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It’s pretty hilarious how people complain about save wizard because it’s not cheap or free. But probably everyone forget about Codebreaker, Action replay and other cheating devices that were sold in shops in PS2 era as physical copies. How is save wizard different from them?

Because if it doesn’t sold on disk or flash card, doesn’t mean people behind it not investing time and effort in it. You pay money to get instant hacks for unjailed device, which (for now) doesn’t have many alternatives that exist for jailbroken devices.

Although i agree price around 30$ would be more attractive and affordable. But if they still sell it for 60$ then demand is pretty good.


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So when they say you can use 2 Profiles, does that mean it can be used on 1 Profile on a different PS4? Or has to be the same PS4? Cuz I don’t see the point in using it on a different Profile on the same PS4.


Guys any alternative trainer? Like ps4 trainer? How to update databse of ps4 trainer? Thank you in advance. More power psxhax..
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