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Just before the weekend we saw PSVTools, and today PlayStation Vita developer Rinnegatamante made available the first public release of his Savedata decrypter / redirecter plugin known as SavedataPlus v.0.8 for PS Vita handheld console owners. :cool:

Download: / GIT

To quote from Rinnegatamante on the SavedataPlus PS Vita Savedata decrypter / redirecter plugin:


SavedataPlus is a plugin that will redirect your savedata to your preferred partition (ur0, ux0, uma0). Redirected savedata files are also decrypted so can be directly modified to apply savedata hacks/cheats.

How to install
  • Place your preferred .skprx in your tai folder.
  • Create a data folder inside the partition you want to redirect the saves to.
  • Add the relative string to your config.txt under *KERNEL.
  • Saves will be found in PARTITON/data/savegames/TITLEID/SLOT0.
How to keep using your old savedata

You'll have to decrypt your savedata in order to use it with SavedataPlus. You can use rinCheat or vita-savemgr to achieve this.

Known issues

The plugin will work perfectly with Vitamin/maidumptool dumps. At the moment it can cause crashes with retail cartridges or NoNpDrm/.psv dumps. (A game that certainly will crash as retail cartridge/NoNpDrm dump is Rayman Origins).

:arrow: Also below is a universal PS Vita Trophy Unlocker called TropHAX from SilicaAndPina, with details as follows to quote:

Download: trophax.suprx / GIT / (1.275 MB) / (8.46 MB)

  1. Put trophax.suprx into ux0:tai (or ur0:tai if u prefer)
  2. Edit the config.txt file in that same 'tai' folder
  3. At the bottom of config.txt put *ALL to use it on all games (or u can use a games titleid specifically)
  4. Underneath that put in ux0:tai/trophax.suprx (or ur0:tai/trophax.suprx depending on what ur using)
  5. Reload your henkaku configuration file from HENKAKU SETTINGS
  • At any time in a game you can press SELECT+START to activate the plugin.
  • After the plugin is activated you can press L + R to start unlocking trophy (best to do at main menu)
  • A BLUE SCREEN OF SILICA will appear and start unlocking all trophys.

TropHax by SilicaServer
  • SilicaAndPina - Lead Project Manager and Recon
  • Pocxki - Idea/Trophy merchant/Lead Tester
  • dots-tb - Lead Developer, Slave & Silica Victim
  • zecoxao - Former Lead Developer, Free man
Further Credits: theFlow for amphetamin, frangarcj for oClock
Extreme Testing Team: JustMulti, wosley
Testing Team: Levi


TropHAX should work on about 90% of games. If you have any problems post them in the issues section

Trophys will sync online. so there is a potential ban risk use a different account, or simply use offline if you care.

SavedataPlus PS Vita Savedata Decrypter  Redirecter is Released.jpg
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