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Proceeding the pricey SCUF Vantage PS4 Controller, PS5Scene newcomers seeking the perfect complement to a PlayStation 5 Games console that cannot be purchased this holiday season due to scalpers look no further than the new SCUF Reflex Controller for PS5... which sold out just hours after it launched earlier today. 🎮

While it may excite fans of Sony's PS4 Back Button Attachment for PlayStation 5, pricing is quite steep for third-party wireless video game controllers as evidenced in the model comparison chart below for the SCUF Reflex (Base) coming in 2022 at $199.99, the SCUF Reflex Pro now released at $229.99 and the upcoming SCUF Reflex FPS also slated for a 2022 release at $259.99. 😱


Meet SCUF Reflex. Engineered to live up to its name, featuring four removable, rear remappable paddles, three configuration profiles, adaptive triggers, and interchangeable thumbsticks. Reflex is our most innovative PlayStation controller yet.


Engineered for better performance and a more responsive feel, SCUF Reflex was designed to take precious milliseconds off your reaction times in any game you play. We’ve redesigned our removable rear remappable paddles, placing them at your fingertips for faster play while also increasing their durability. Reflex’s all-new textured thumbstick grip improves precision and accuracy. Every aspect of Reflex was designed to live up to its name. Play better. Play faster.

  • REMAPPABLE PADDLES - Built from the ground up for faster response times, the redesigned paddles on Reflex are ergonomically positioned for a natural feel and optimum performance. Assign actions by remapping them to any of the four rear paddles to keep your thumbs on the sticks for faster reactions and gameplay.
  • PROFILE SWITCH - Different games require different play styles. You can save up to three different paddle remapping configurations and switch between them on-the-fly with the press of a button. The LED light on the back of the controller will change indicating which profile you have active.
  • ADAPTIVE TRIGGERS - Supported in PS5 games, adaptive triggers provide immersive dynamic resistance levels that make activation more or less difficult, depending on the in-game situation. From web-slinging your way across New York or going for pole in a racecar, adaptive triggers adjust to the situation.

Introducing SCUF Reflex Pro, designed to live up to its name. With four removable & remappable rear paddles, three on-board configuration profiles, adaptive triggers, interchangable thumbsticks, and non-slip performance grip. With Reflex Pro, be unstoppable.


Reflex Pro PS5 controller is designed to take milliseconds off your reaction times. Redesigned removable & remappable paddles ergonomically placed with increased durability, new textured thumbsticks for improved precision and accuracy, three on-board profiles for your games, and non-slip performance grip make Reflex Pro the controller no one wants to face.

  • REMAPPABLE PADDLES - Removable & remappable paddles on Reflex Pro have been redesigned for a more ergonomic & durable experience leading to optimum performance. Keep your thumbs on the sticks for faster reactions & gameplay by assigning actions to your four rear paddles.
  • PROFILE SWITCH - Switch your profile on-the-fly with the press of a button for different games requiring different play styles. The LED light on the back of Reflex Pro changes to indicate which profile you've activated.
  • ADAPTIVE TRIGGERS - Enjoy dynamic resistance levels that simulate the feel of different interactions by making activation more or less difficult in response to gameplay. Whether you're web-slinging through New York, pulling the trigger of a shotgun, or pushing the pedal to the metal in a racecar, in-game interactions & trigger pressure adjust to the situation. Supported in PS5 games.

The last piece of your arsenal. Four removable, remappable rear paddles, three on-board profiles, instant triggers, interchangeable thumbsticks and non-slip performance grip, the SCUF Reflex FPS gives you the ultimate competitive advantage.


For the committed first-person shooter gamer, Reflex FPS is the PS5 SCUF for you. Designed to take precious milliseconds off your reaction times, we've combined the SCUF innovations you know & love like removable remappable rear paddles, interchangeable thumbsticks, non-slip performance grip, and on-board profiles for on-the-fly game switches with our dedicated Instant Triggers. Instant Triggers replace the adaptive trigger (and removes the extra weight from adaptive triggers & rumble weights) and provide a short mouse-click action for those ultra-fast shots. An added benefit of Instant Triggers is how light weight they are; With Reflex FPS, you'll have the controller no one wants to face.

  • REMAPPABLE PADDLES - With four removable and remappable rear paddles, keep your thumbs on the sticks and dominate the arena. The Reflex FPS paddles are ergonomically placed & redesigned for durability.
  • PROFILE SWITCH - Switch between multiple games? No problem. Switch your paddle profile on-the-fly with the press of a button. The LED light on the back of Reflex FPS indicates which of three on-board profiles you've activated.
  • INSTANT TRIGGERS - No full-pull here. When speed & accuracy are paramount, reach for your Reflex FPS. We've replaced the adaptive triggers found on Reflex and Reflex Pro with our dedicated instant triggers that provide a short mouse-click action. This hyper fast, limited motion is perfect for your favorite shooter games and getting those quick reaction shots off faster.
  • PERFORMANCE GRIP - Contoured for comfort and grip right where you need it. Tailored to Reflex’s ergonomic design, the grip changes heights to provide you with the ultimate non-slip feel for extended game play. Available only on Reflex Pro and Reflex FPS.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE THUMBSTICKS - Made for better performance and increased comfort, our improved textured thumbsticks improve grip, precision, and accuracy. Short and concave to dig in and make quick moves. Tall and domed for a longer throw and more precision. Choose the perfect combo built for you and the games you love.
  • REMOVABLE FACEPLATE TRIM - Quickly swap out your thumbsticks, or change your controller’s look in just seconds. The faceplate trim provides effortless controller configuration and customization.
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SCUF Reflex | Third Party PS5 Controller
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