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Following the addition of Facebook Commenting here at PSXHAX.COM, today we've implemented Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption thanks to a suggestion by @MrV1rus and one that @oVERSoLDiER has been requesting for quite some time now. :D

What does this mean?

For end-users, you'll now see a green lock icon (pictured below) and a https:// instead of the antiquated http:// in the URL address bar of pages on the site and forums here.

Also, according to the almighty Google, HTTPS is being used as a ranking signal so it's definitely the direction they are encouraging sites to gravitate towards.

Once again, if anyone else has any ideas for the site feel free to bounce them around with the Staff in our Feedback and Suggestions forum section. :tup:
Secure Sockets Layer.png



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Woop Woop here we go. :)

Looong time no see guys. And ofc I saw the 'S' immediately and need to reply :rolleyes:
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