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Scheduled to speak on June 10th from 11:15-12:00 PM at the Conference 2022 that runs from June 6-10th in Santa Clara, CA is Andy Nguyen (aka theflow0 on Twitter or TheOfficialFloW on Github) which according to the site is a platform for hardware and security community where researchers can showcase and discuss their innovative research on attacking and defending hardware. :ninja:

While theflow0 received $40K in PlayStation Bounties via in recent months, last November he stated in a pair of PlayStation 5-related Tweets that there were "No plans for disclosure. No ETA."

Whether that stance will change remains to be seen, however, theflow0 did retweet a Tweet from antriksh_s today stating, "Hi theflow0 this was fun ! See you soon at #hardwear_io #usa" including a picture of a PlayStation 5 box. :unsure:

Although the presentation won't be live streamed, it should be available on's YouTube Channel at some point after concluding... based on the slides in the Tweets below, theflow0's talk covers BD-JB: Blu-ray Disc Java Sandbox Escape by Andy Nguyen.

Finally, for those new to the PS5Scene here are some recent PS5 Hacking / PS5 Jailbreaking updates (PlayStation 5 Jailbreak Status):
:arrow: PS5 Hacking News: BD-JB Blu-ray Disc Java Sandbox Escape by TheFloW!

:arrow: PS4 Hacking 9.03-9.04: BD-JB Blu-ray Disc Java Sandbox Escape by TheFloW!
:arrow: BD-JB: Blu-ray Disc Java Sandbox Escape by Andy Nguyen via

BD-JB: Blu-ray Disc Java Sandbox Escape by Andy Nguyen | USA 2022

The King of PlayStation Jailbreaks shared his latest adventure on hacking PS5 ! PS5's AMD CPU supports eXecute memory only (XOM). Watch this amazing talk to experience Andy's (also known as theflow0) journey in PS5 Jailbreak along with live demo.
Security Engineer TheFloW to Speak at Conference 2022.png


Updated the OP with this reply now:

Due to the nature of this conference, if his topic is indeed PS5 security it will likely be on a technical level aimed at devs so I wouldn't expect ready-made end-user stuff... but stepping stones for other devs are always welcomed of course. :)

Based on previous Tweets from CTurt and Znullptr, others may be waiting on some PS5 disclosure by TheFloW before moving forward for whatever reasons (out of respect, to avoid burning multiple private exploits unnecessarily, etc):

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