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PlayStation 4 developer Octolus recently changed his PSN Bomber known as SendPSN into a set of tools located at that includes an Avatar Grabber and PS4 Community Search Tool. ;)

In related news, 0x199 made available both a PS4 CUSA Resolver (PS4 Game Title Fetcher) and a PS4 Patches database for those interested.

To quote from Octolus: I've created a small website where you can search for communities, and export it's members to a text file.

Not only that, you can also add communities to monitor - in a few days you'll be able to get a chart on how many has joined the past month etc.

Check out the entire website here:
The statistics/chart will take a hour or two to appear. We check the communities once a day, and store them in our database with statistics (how many members). Suggestions are welcome.

Also below is his PSN Resolver, with more details available on, to quote:

What is this?

This is the ONLY working PlayStation Network Username Resolver. Simply submit an username, then it will give you the IP Address if we're able to resolve it.

Can I blacklist my self?

Currently there is no option to do so!

Do you sell an API?

Not currently.

How to use this?

Just submit an username, then we'll attempt to resolve it. If we can, we'll return the IP Address to you.

Thanks to @HydrogenNGU for a heads-up on this PlayStation 4 community news! (y)
SendPSN Tools Avatar Grabber & PS4 Community Search Tool by Octolus.jpg


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