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Following his GTAV PS4 Mod Menu for offline use, today PlayStation 3 developers Joren Van Hee and @2much4u have released an update to their paid online GTA V PS3 Mod Menu bringing it to Serendipity 4.5. :ninja:

Below is a video demo of the Serendipity 4.5 GTA 5 Mod Menu for PS3 thanks to CesaRomero MODZ.

Download: / Features Listing

Finally, courtesy of @SockNastez comes some interesting PlayStation 3 online ban tips in the PSXHAX Shoutbox, as follows to quote: Here are things people don't realize:
  • First off Sony's servers look at the PS3s CA Cert to see if it's on a lower firmware spoofing. If it is BAN. Most games like GTA V actually have their own CFW and mod detecting files. If you play online on DEX that is something Sony can see and ban you for.
  • PSNPatch only helps it doesn't make you some modding god who can't get banned.
  • About the IP ban yes, they will ban your IP so you can't access if you get banned.
Serendipity 4.5 GTA V PS3 Mod Menu Updated by Joren and 2much4u.jpg



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Just found it l3 & r3

Could you explain how to use the anti cheater?

Many thanks
sure, enable AntiCheater menu.
Then open it.
Then press X on : "Dump Records" or anything like this.
The option will become green instead of red, that means the option is enabled.
The utility of AntiCheater is to show you onscreen if you have been reported to Rockstar by other players, or if a Rockstar dev or moderator is in the session.


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@showmethehax lol are you serious? On consoles.... lets see....when did GTA V release? yeah like 2 months after that! nah seriously its been YEARS at least a few for sure. Were you frozen in carbonite or something ;)


Cupid Stunt
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Nah it’s for a mate, I don’t mod games at all. Just amazing really jailbreak PS3 and then pay for mods.

So it’s just swapping who you give your money to, Sony for legit stuff or these “paid” mods and give the cash to them. It’s a mugs game.

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