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We've seen a number of PlayStation 4 payloads including the PS4 Permanent Internet Browser Payload and a PS4 FTP Payload, and today PlayStation 4 developer KKE_RW shared a guide on Setting Up and Building Payload.bin for PS4 Playground as detailed below. (y)

To quote: Tutorial: How To Setup And Build Payload.bin For PS4 Using PlayGround

Hope it helps and Thanks to me KKE_RW, Cturt and 2much4u
  • KKE_RW For This Tutorial
  • 2much4u For Helping Me Help You
  • CTurt For His PS4-*** And Webkit
  • kR105, flatz, SKFU, droogie, Xerpi, Hunger, Takezo, nas, Proxima
What You Need
  • VirtualBox
  • Ubunto
  • LLVM
  • Binutils
  • PS4-***
How To Setup And Install VB
  • Install VirtualBox
  • When Installed Open Up Click New
  • Type: Linux
  • Version: 64bit
  • Recommended Memory (768MB - 4000MB) # Up To You
  • Create a Virtual Hard Disk
  • VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image)
  • Dynamically allocated
  • Hit next then create...
Setup Ubunto
  • Right Click Open Settings/Storage
  • Controller: IDE #there a Disk+ At side click on that.
  • Choose Disk
  • Find File Location Of Ubuntu #ISO FILE
  • File Name "ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64"
  • Now Click Start.. #you might get error i686 Easy Fix.
  • How To Fix At The Bottom Of This Thread.
  • Now You Will Need To Setup #Its Easy
  • Ok So start it up And install it like windows...
Now Installing llvm and binutils
  • Make Sure Your Doing This On Ubuntu And Not On Your Window
  • Search Your Computer #Top Left
  • Find Terminal And Open It Type Command
  • " sudo apt install llvm " Hit Enter
  • When Done
  • Type Command
  • " sudo apt install binutils " Hit Enter
  • When Done. Close.
PS4-*** And Direct It
  • Now Download PS4-*** On Ubuntu
  • Make A File On Your Desktop Called KRW #make It Easy
  • Place The PS4-*** In There
  • This Is How Your *** File Should Look..
  • mine is /home/kieran/Desktop/KRW/PS4-***
  • Now We Need To Direct The File So...
  • Open Terminal Again And Type " sudo -H gedit /etc/environment "
  • This Will Open A Text File...
  • Now Direct A Path To Your PS4-***
  • Make A New Line And Put " "******="YourFilePath"
  • *example* "******="/home/kieran/Desktop/KRW/PS4-***"
  • Now Save It And Restart Ubuntu...
Now Build libps4 and libusbfatft
  • Open File KRW/PS4-***/libps4
  • Right Click In The Folder Anywhere. Open In Terminal
  • Type " make " Hit ENTER / DONE. CLOSE
  • Open File KRW//PS4-***/libusbfatfs
  • Right Click In The Folder Anywhere. Open In Terminal
  • Type " make " Hit ENTER / DONE. CLOSE
  • Now Restart Ubuntu Again
Now Try To Build You Own Payload
  • Open File KRW/PS4-***/examples
  • Now Try And Build A Payload
  • So Open Any One Of The Files And Open In Terminal
  • And Type "make" To Build Your Pay Load
  • You Will Now Have A .bin File That's Your Payload.
Now You Are Ready To Build Your Own Payloads But You Will Need To Load Them To PS4. I Will Do A Tutorial On That Soon.

:alert: Fixing The i686 Error
  • This will need to be done in the Bios
  • Restart you pc and on boot up press F10 for BIOS
  • when you get on it find VT-x (Virtualization Technology) and Enable It.
  • If You Need Help Just Message Me Ill Do My Best.
Thanks to @HydrogenNGU on Twitter for passing along the news! :)
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