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Following the PS4 *** Installer Script, PlayStation 4 developer @BadChoicesZ recently shared a guide to ****** setup on Windows using either CTurt's PS4 *** or PS4Dev's ****** with details below. <3

To quote via the Pastebin from BadChoicesZ:

# BadChoicesZ guide to ****** setup on Windows:
# using CTURTS ***, although can use PS4DEV's *** aswell.
# revision 2.0

# Download cygwin x86_64 from browser:

# Create folder:
# And copy the setup-x86_64.exe into it.

# setup (using cmd.exe)
cd C:\cygwin64
setup-x86_64 -q -P wget,tar,qawk,bzip2,subversion,vim

# Download/install apt-cyg using the cygwin terminal:
install apt-cyg /bin

# Install required. ( using cygwin terminal )
apt-cyg install nano git make python binutils clang
git clone
git clone***.git

# make Environmental variable "******" point to PS4-***'s folder.
# replace <user> with profile BadChoicesZ
export ******=/home/<user>/******/PS4-***

# Install GCC -
# Run the cygwin installer again "setup-x86_64.exe" this time by double clicking on it ( not using cmdline )
# and make sure to download the GCC as shown below.
# (just click on the 'skip' to toggle install..)

# Compile Cturts *** ( Could also use PS4DEV's.. )
cd PS4-***
cd libPS4
cd ..
cd libusbfatfs
cd ..

# you can now compile projects with ****** on windows.
:arrow: Update: Below is another tutorial on How To Setup the ****** on Windows 10 by 0x199 for those interested, to quote:

Today I'm going to explain how to setup the ****** on Windows 10. Get that VM out of the way, it's time for the real deal.

  • Desktop with Windows 10 installed
Let's get started

Part 1: Installing Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10

First things first, we're going to enable developer mode on your Windows 10 desktop.

Go to Settings -> Update and Security -> For Developers -> Developer Mode.

How To Setup the ****** on Windows 10 aljmoqJ.jpg

Now head over to the Control Panel and click Programs. Once there, click "Turn Windows Features On or Off" under Programs and Features. A list will appear:

How To Setup the ****** on Windows 10 7cP3Vtc.jpg

Enable "Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta)" in that list and click OK. Reboot your desktop so Windows 10 can install Bash.

Once restarted, type in the search bar "bash" and hit enter.

How To Setup the ****** on Windows 10 3Xqx7YV.jpg

The first time you run the bash.exe file, you'll be prompted to accept the terms of service. The command will then download the "Bash on Ubuntu on Windows" application from the Windows Store. You'll be asked to create a user account and password for use in the Bash environment.

Just follow the setup.

How To Setup the ****** on Windows 10 qffUtDd.jpg

When you're being asked for your username, enter anything but "root", same goes for your password.

You're now done with setting up Bash on your Windows 10 desktop.

Part 2: Installing the *** on Bash

So the first thing we want to do is install updates. For this, we type in Bash the following:
sudo apt-get update
It will ask you for your password, enter the password you used in the setup.

Now we're going to install the required packages to build our ***:
sudo apt-get install make
sudo apt-get install clang
sudo apt-get install gcc
sudo apt-get install llvm
sudo apt-get install binutils
Once that's done, we're going to pull our ***. Type the following:
cd ~
git clone*** PS4-***
And hit enter. This will install the *** to /home/yourusername/PS4-***.

Time to set up our environment variable for the *** and export the ***. Type the following:
sudo nano .bashrc
This will open .bashrc, go to the very end of the file using the arrow down key.

Once at the end of the file, type this:
export ******=~/PS4-***
And now save the file using CTRL + X, hit Y and press enter like last time.

Now refresh Bash:
source ~/.bashrc
Part 3: Getting the *** Ready

We're going to CD to our ***:
cd PS4-***
Once there, type
cd libusbfatfs
And type
The *** library libusbfatfs will now be ready. Just one more to build.

CD back to the PS4-*** like so:
cd ..
Now CD into libPS4:
cd libPS4
And type
(Ignore this if you're not on Windows 10: If you're on Ubuntu and getting a __dev_t declaration error, please click here for a fix.)

Some users may experience an error. If you got an error, do the following:
sudo nano source/syscall.s
There will be these lines at the top of the file:
#If your assember complains about the following uncommented line change it to:
#.section .sc_rop,"w"
.section .sc_rop,"wb"
Uncomment the second line and comment the third one, like so
#If your assember complains about the following uncommented line change it to:
.section .sc_rop,"w"
#.section .sc_rop,"wb"
And now save the file using CTRL + X, hit Y and press enter. Type make again and it should compile correctly.
The PS4 *** has been setup now and is ready to compile payloads.

Part 4: Compiling Payloads

To compile payloads, you want to CD into the payload folder and type make. This will compile your payload so you can inject it into your PS4.

Things should be a lot easier now that you don't have to boot up a VM everytime to compile a simple payload. Thanks to ZeraTron for helping me out fixing errors! Happy modding!

:arrow: Update #2: Here's another tutorial from FBML via email on How to Setup the ****** on Windows 10 Without VM:


Cheers to both @HydrogenNGU and @raedoob for sharing the news in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! :beer: :beer:


****** Setup on Windows Guide by PS4 Developer BadChoicesZ.jpg



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Whats the point there'll be no homebrew cause no ones gonna leak an exploit cause there all scared of Sony.

As for 1.76 sure but whats the point of having a games console and not being able to play the latest games.


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Hopefully someone who doesn't feel the need for any acknowledgement, credits or e-peen will post one anonymously at some point if they aren't worried about 'too much drama on the scene' and only concerned about Sony catching them. :sneaky:


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Want to reiterate something really quick. This tutorial is about 97% complete lol, Bad ChoicesZ is on the right track, but he must've had a mistake somewhere. He'll fix it soon, but the tutorial is fine.

In addition, Black Panther also stated something about this to me as well:

"You can compile the libraries, just not the examples with this."

He'll get in contact with Bad ChoicesZ soon to see if they can spot the mistake. Will be fixed soon, so no worries.
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