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Shortly after the Sasuke 4.50 PS4 Firmware release, Sony updated their on-console video editor Sharefactory to version 2.50 which now includes the ability to import your own video and images. (y)

Below is what else is new in this latest Sharefactory update courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment Senior Producer Stuart Platt, to quote:

Today we are releasing a new update to Sharefactory that includes our biggest feature as requested by the community, including user imported content, Clone Clip, editing from the Capture Gallery, plus much more.

We’re extremely happy to be able to allow users to import video and images into Sharefactory, as our community have been requesting this feature since launch. Using content from a USB drive, you can import your own videos and images to be used as your custom intro, title and outro clips as well as use your own artwork as stickers. It has never been easier to personalize your Sharefactory videos to share to the world.

The new update also adds the Clone Clip feature. This addition allows you to easily duplicate any clip being used in your project and retain all of the existing filters, stickers, text as well as the clip duration. This enables much quicker editing when using the same video and effects throughout your edits to share your gameplay experiences.

Additionally, Sharefactory’s 2.50 update allows you to select up to 16 video clips or screenshots from your Capture Gallery and launch directly into Sharefactory for editing. This feature will quickly create a project using the content that is selected in the Capture Gallery – making creating and sharing a video easier than it ever was before.

Other features in this update include:
  • Added over 30 textures you can use to personalize your text as well as the ability to freely scale your text
  • New Infomercial Sharefactory Theme
  • New Photo Mode collages with support for up to 16 images
  • New Photo Mode Templates
  • New stickers
  • Contextual Help has now been added throughout Sharefactory
  • Updates to the UI
The feedback we receive from our users is very important to the team. Please continue to reach out and show us your Sharefactory creations. We love to see them!

We’re looking forward to seeing the new content that PlayStation fans will be sharing with this new update. Have fun and happy editing!
Sharefactory 2.50 Update Arrives with New Video Editor Features.jpg

Sharefactory 2.50 Update Arrives with New Video Editor Features 2.jpg



Senior Member
I rather buy a capture card and edit my videos on my computer.... But it's also nice to see they're updating it.


Game Mod Developer
Senior Member
This is pretty cool
We can upload anything and post it to da ps4 ui background :)

O yea I wish that it could rec. In 4K on the Pro but 4k pic's is still hella nice and 1080p video is dope
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