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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Jan 17, 2023 at 8:33 AM       10      
Following the PS4 Cheats Converter, PS4 Cheat Codes (GoW Ragnarok v03.01) for Trainer Manager, MultiTrainer II BIS (Ko-fi Page :coffee:) and Reaper Studio V01.0.2.28745 Beta 3.2 (Ko-fi Page :coffee:) updates PS4Scene developer @pharaoh2k recently started a dedicated ShnExt PS4 Trainers thread for Verified Members (Verification Guide) including these titles among the many PlayStation 4 trainers available in the software:
  • God Of War Ragnarok v02.00+v02.04+v03.00+v03.01 (Multi-CUSA compatible, works on CUSA34384, CUSA34386, CUSA34388, CUSA34390 and probably other regions)
  • Hades v01.03 (Multi-CUSA compatible)
  • Alienation v01.06 (Multi-CUSA compatible)
  • Days Gone v01.81 (Multi-CUSA compatible)
  • The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt v04.00 (Multi-CUSA compatible)
  • Elden Ring v01.10 (Multi-CUSA compatible)
  • Middle Earth Shadow of War v01.18 (Multi-CUSA compatible)
:note: Some notes from the ongoing topic by @pharaoh2k for those interested:
  • All .ShnExt trainers use dynamic AoB rather than static addresses, so regardless of the stated CUSA they normally work perfectly fine on all CUSAs (regions) of the same game as long as it's the same exact version (eg. v1.52, v2.02, etc.). You may safely ignore any notification of incorrect/different CUSA and save issues that MultiTrainer2 pops up when using a trainer on a different CUSA.
  • Thanks to the advanced features of Reaper Studio, these trainers are much more advanced than any other ps4 trainer format (.shn, .json, mc4)
  • Some if not all of the cheats are also likely to work on older and newer versions of the game.
  • Currently, these trainers can only be used through MultiTrainer2 v1.1.7.5 BIS (or newer when available), which can be downloaded for free from here, although I am sure the developer (@Shiningami) will appreciate your support.
  • Be sure to press the "Update Trainer List" and "Reload Trainers" buttons to download all the latest .ShnExt trainers (including trainers made by other top modders).
  • Special thanks to @TLH1337 & @hejran7 as always.
  • Thanks to @PSXHAX for accommodating this here.
  • Other modders are more than welcome to post their .ShnExt trainers here, if they are available in MultiTrainer2 (Game name, screenshot, and release notes if any).
  • Enjoy! :)
ShnExt PS4 Trainers for MultiTrainer II v1.1.7.5 BIS via Pharaoh2k.png