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If you're seeking something oldskool to play on your Jailbroken PlayStation 4 this weekend, recently Jhonson94296749 via Twitter made available a Silent Hill: Origins PS2 to PS4 PKG he converted featuring a higher resolution and fixed graphics among others worth a try with a related video below from @Vika2364 aka Vika_Captive's Vika GameRoom YouTube Channel who also goes by gamershhh_vika on Twitter! šŸ˜ƒ

Download: SHOPS4.rar (2.68 GB - Silent Hill Origins .pkg) / OBS2PS4.rar (1.61 GB - OBSCURE 2.pkg) / MIDNIGHTC3GVPS4.7z (4.1 GB - MIDNIGHTC3.pkg)

:idea: Those who haven't done so yet can get a Verified Badge to access pre-built PS2 to PS4 PKGs / PlayStation 4 PKGs using the Member Verification Guide, and below are some previous articles that may also be of interest sorted by date with the oldest first:
Silent Hill Origins PS2toPS4

Gameplay on my PS4 Pro. Widescreen + Extras Unlock (Noise Filter Off) + No black Borders! Test with on\off fog and bright boost!

Silent Hil Origins PS2 to PS4 PKG with Higher Resolution & Fixed Graphics.jpg


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