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Following the DJI Tello Drone and DeepRacer RC remote control PS4 DualShock 4 mods, recently Veilkrand on Github shared a Simple Wireless Rover for Raspberry Pi Controlled by PS4 DS4 via WiFi for exploration and race hobby enthusiasts. 🏁

Download: / GIT

You can check out Alberto Naranjo's Blog for more, and from the Simple Wireless Rover for Raspberry Pi

Small robotic platform based on Raspberry Pi controlled by a remote PS4 game controller over a wireless network.

Kickstart Guide

1. Install Adafruit Motor Hat in Raspberry Pi

2. Start server in Raspberry Pi
3. Start the client on a remote machine

Connect game controller to remote machine. Configure the correct server IP on client and run python3 on the remote machine.
Code: -h <host> -p <port> [--verbose] [--python2]
Use the --python2 or -y option to use the pickle protocol 2 to be backward compatible with Python2 (e.g. for ROS).

4. Control
  • L2: Forward
  • R2: Backward
  • Right pad: Spin left or right
  • Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspbian Jessie.
  • Adafruit Motor Hat:
  • 4x 5-12V DC gear motors.
  • 12V battery pack for motor power
  • USB based battery pack for Raspberry Pi 3
  • UDP client that will connect the first game controller and start sending data to a predefined ip and port.
  • UDP server to receive the remote game controller inputs and move the rover.
  • Class to handle the bluetooth PS4 game controller.
  • Basic client class.
  • Basic server class.
  • A simple test to visualize a client.
  • A simple test to visualize a client.
  • Downgraded to be compatible with Python2.
  • Class to handle the robot control using Adafruit Motor Hat.
Simple Wireless Rover for Raspberry Pi Controlled by PS4 DS4 via WiFi.jpg
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