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Since his initial SMS+ PSP Emulator version back in 2019, following the recent PS1HDemu update from the Syphon Filter PS4 PKG developer @Markus95 (aka @Kus00095) shared via Twitter a SMS 2 PS4: Sega Master System Emulator v1.1 (PSP) batch script revision based on the updated PS+PSPemu from the Echochrome PS4 PKG released last month.

According to his Tweets below, the new SMS Emu with PSP Emu for PS4 features 60 FPS, full screen and includes all the options of the new PSP emulator... allowing PS4Scene users to create a Sega Master System emulator complete with your own ROMs compilation for PlayStation 4 consoles that are Jailbroken. 🕹️

Download: SMS_2_PS4.rar (37.2 MB - includes SMS_2_PS4.bat) / Monkey_Island_2_FR.pkg (51.8 MB) / Emu_Master_Sytem_v1.1(PSP).pkg (73.88 MB - 570 SMS Games) via melidron

This also comes proceeding PSX 2 PS4 to Convert PS1 iSOs to PS4 PKGs, PSP-FPKG to Convert PSP iSOs to PS4 FPKGs, PSX2PS4 & PSP HD GUI updates and PS2 2 PS4 to Convert PS2 iSOs to PS4 PKGs.

Below are further details on the SMS 2 PS4 V1.0 Batch Script from his release post on, roughly translated to quote: Master System Emulator v1.1 (PSP) on PS4

On February 6, 2019 at 11:43 p.m. very precisely, I published the 1st version of SMS+ PSP in order to take advantage of your Master System ROMs on your PS4.

Today, 3 years later, here comes v1.1 of this same emulator which, thanks to Sony's new PSP emulator, becomes almost perfect for Master System emulation.

Indeed, thanks to Sony's new PSP emulator, I was able to recompile an FPKG with SMS+ PSP, thus improving the compatibility of Master System ROMs on PS4, the latter now running at 60FPS without lag (which was not the case with V1.0).

The emulator is not native and dependent on the PSP-PS4 emulation but thanks to this, it benefits from the options of this official Sony emulator (modern graphics mode, fast rewind, live saves, etc.) which for me is a plus compared to other native or non-native Master System emulators...

To facilitate the injection of your ROMs, I do not publish the SMS+ PSP FPKG but a .bat script which will allow you to create this famous FPKG (Emu_Master_System_v1.1(PSP).pkg).

And in order to simplify things as much as possible, you only have 2 things to do... place your ROMs in the GAME folder, launch the script and launch option 1... NOTHING else, everything is automated... Full set is possible 😜


  • Basic release
  • New PSP emulator
SMS 2 PS4 Sega Master System Emulator v1.1 on PS4 by Markus95.png



Nice work. I just tried building a collection to test. Emulation works well once you find your way through the (near) black font on black background menus.