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Since my Brutal PS4 DooM 2.5.pkg homebrew earlier this week, today I present to you Snake Ball!

A game where you must roll your Snake Ball to the "You Win!" Block, but be forewarned: "the obstacle course may be difficult."

Special thanks to @DEFAULTDNB for closed alpha testing...

Download: ED1633-NPXX10129_00-0000000000000000-A0100-V0100.pkg (89.5 MB)
  • Left stick = roll's your snake ball
  • Triangle = jump
NOTE: This is the first release and its a WIP (Work In Progress)

Here is some video footage from my YouTube Channel of a gameplay walk-through demonstration (prior to compilation to PS4 PKG)

Snake Ball PS4 Homebrew play-through in editor
Snake Ball PS4 Homebrew PKG, Play Demo in Editor by SnakePlissken.jpg


Not open for further replies.