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Since my Brutal PS4 DooM 2.5.pkg homebrew earlier this week, today I present to you Snake Ball!

A game where you must roll your Snake Ball to the "You Win!" Block, but be forewarned: "the obstacle course may be difficult."

Special thanks to @DEFAULTDNB for closed alpha testing...

Download: ED1633-NPXX10129_00-0000000000000000-A0100-V0100.pkg (89.5 MB)
  • Left stick = roll's your snake ball
  • Triangle = jump
NOTE: This is the first release and its a WIP (Work In Progress)

Here is some video footage from my YouTube Channel of a gameplay walk-through demonstration (prior to compilation to PS4 PKG)

Snake Ball PS4 Homebrew play-through in editor
Snake Ball PS4 Homebrew PKG, Play Demo in Editor by SnakePlissken.jpg


Looks awesome! :)

I assume you're looking for feedback when posting a WIP, so here goes.

Something you could look into could be "limitating yourself". Homebrew devs (myself included) often makes the mistake of throwing all sorts of obstacles and challenges into the game - just because we can. Just because the engine makes it possible. And it's fun to do, and fun to look at, but doesn't always help the game. I see a few places in the course that falls under this category. :)

Suggestion: Make multiple paths so the player can choose which challenge to take.

Do you have permission to use the music? If yes, where did you get it from? (Curious to know more sources for my own games). Otherwise, go browse Lots of free music there that only requires you to credit the artist. I've found a few tracks there I'm using for a current game project.

Or (my site). Also has lots of free tracks there (and some you need to pay for too), only requires you to contact the artist and ask permission to use it.

Looking forward to see next progress!
Not open for further replies.