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Following the Simple Shooting Game PS4 TestKit PKG, PXG4: PS4 Full Game Standard Disc Demo video, PS4 Kiosk DVD iSO to Download IDU Game Demos, PS4 DevKit & PS5 DevKit leaks and the PXG4 PS4 FG Disc Game Test 4 Entitlement PKG here's another SNE_GEMS_TEST_GAMEwT_0 (NPXS-30020) v1.00 & v1.01 Update PS4 PKG for PS4Scene collectors via @softstar in the Verified Member area. :D

Download: 30020.rar (54.13 MB - includes IV0004-NPXS30020_00-0000000000000000-A0100-V0100.pkg) / 30020-101.rar (11.31 MB - includes IV0004-NPXS30020_00-0000000000000000-A0101-V0100.pkg) / Archive Password: @[email protected]

Beyond an NPXS-30020 entry in SerialStation, not much is documented on this Title ID which is a sample game intended for use by licensed PlayStation 4 developers with PS4 DevKit / TestKit units.

If any additional information surfaces we'll update this article as time permits, and here's what @softstar had to say on the PS4 FPKG SNE_GEMS_TEST_GAMEwT_0 game dump:

Try it, it's fun, you can play it single player, or even multiplayer with 4 DualShock on the same PS4. ;)
SNE_GEMS_TEST_GAMEwT_0 (NPXS-30020) v1.00 & v1.01 Update PS4 PKG.png



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Weird how they made an update for a test game I don't think I have ever seen that very cool thanks for the share.