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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter SnakePlissken       Start date May 30, 2018 at 9:10 AM       7,491       14      
Today I present to you "Soldier Mayhem" the PS4 homebrew. Soldier Mayhem v1 features an advanced AI system and a first person view framework asset all in one homebrew.

Practice your skills on the two teams of soldiers fighting it out with each other. There's weapons and pickups, soldiers and mayhem. See if you can take out all the soldiers without dying.

  • blood particle system
  • advance AI
  • powerup's (slo mo, speed, ect)
  • unique first person view framework (ufps)
  • dismemberment

Download: Soldier Mayhem v1.pkg (157 MB)

In future version releases spelling errors will be fixed, new levels will be devised, and new weapons will be added, and probably much more.

Special thanks to @LightningMods for helping compile versions of this app.
Soldier Mayhem PS4 Homebrew PKG for 4.55 by SnakePlissken.jpg



thats fantastic! this is what jail breaking is about i wish i had your skillset keep up the good work man and i for one look forward to seeing what you produce