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Recently Sony added a new section on the official site that allows those with a Sony PlayStation Account to access, filter subscriptions and manage their entire video game library for both the PS4 and upcoming next-generation PS5 console. 🎮

Here are further details on Sony's latest addition from, to quote:

"Sony has launched a new section on their PlayStation site that gives users access to their whole game library for PS4 and PS5.

While users can currently access a download list from the PS Store via web browser, this new library site lets users look at all their purchases, along with sort them between PS+ and PS Now titles.

Users can also force download games from a download option under each title, which brings up a supported device. One of the more interesting new things of this library though is the “played” filter, which arranges titles by their most recent use."

For PS5 Sceners following, a new Black Legend Gameplay PS5 Trailer was also released today... and feel free to share your comments in the PlayStation 5 Forums. 📣
Sony Adds New PlayStation Library to Manage PS4  PS5 Game Downloads.png



lol, i checked today new playstation store web and this is one big joke. not only you can't buy contents ps3, ps vita, psp but also you can't see those contents you already own, because now you can see only games ps4, ps5 thats all, no ps4 dlcs etc.
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