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A few weeks back CEO Jim Ryan revealed Sony's plans to Transition to PS5, and in a recent interview with he confirmed that PlayStation is also no longer interested in making handheld consoles (such as PS Vita 2) citing the current strength of mobile gaming market... with PS4 Remote Play now across more devices and apps such as Chiaki and PSPlay gaining ground he may be right! :LOL:📱

Below are some further details courtesy of, to quote:

"Ryan recently spoke to Game Informer for a feature that looks back on the 25-year history of PlayStation consoles. As part of this, he remembered the PlayStation Vita and confirmed that there were no plans for any more PlayStation consoles like it in the future.

“PlayStation Vita was brilliant in many ways, and the actual gaming experience was great, but clearly it’s a business that we’re no longer in now,” Ryan said.

This new quote from Jim Ryan certainly confirms that there will be no more PlayStation (handheld) consoles, but that doesn’t mean the PS5 won’t have some form of portable gaming, nor does it mean Sony won’t make portable games for other platforms."

Sony CEO Confirms No Interest in Making Another Handheld Console.jpg



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Not really. phone for video games are a piece of junk. Newer hand handle consoles are much powerful than newer phone due to different architectures.

That's ok, They should fully focus on PS5 seriously and I think this time they will be huge successful and best system of all time for the FIRST TIME since PS4/PSvita. Because they had to focus on Vita during PS4 time can be too much and hassle for them.

I think it is a smart decision!


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Hmm when did they focus on vita? in this generation wasnt. PSVita had 0 support from playstation.

@mukasange let me know when a truly game is released to a phone..

anyaway, ps5 will be with a lot of problems vs xbox gamepass, only way to sell consoles will be if they pay to devs to release some methods to play backups games.


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PPSSPP runs fine on the Snapdragon 8xx CPU series and small screens aren't desired for gaming outside of a phone so... Nintendo is white knuckling the portable market so Sony, like every company besides Nintendo is right to stay out of the market.


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I don't think anyone wants it. The vast majority of people already carry 1 pocket device, a phone. A 2nd is cumbersome.

I could see maybe if you went on vacation, but then a vacation is about other things than video games and even if you wanted something on vacation you could pack a console, and not just a Switch.

But I think it's about carrying 2 devices instead of just 1. Handhelds were born in the era where nobody really carried a pocket device, unless it was a Gameboy. But now that everyone does carry one (a phone), it's just too much.


@bablest While you do have a point, I still see many people using the Switch specifically for its portability.

IMO if any company wants to enter the handheld market now they'll have to do better than the Switch (better specs, better games, cheaper price ...etc).
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