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A few weeks back CEO Jim Ryan revealed Sony's plans to Transition to PS5, and in a recent interview with he confirmed that PlayStation is also no longer interested in making handheld consoles (such as PS Vita 2) citing the current strength of mobile gaming market... with PS4 Remote Play now across more devices and apps such as Chiaki and PSPlay gaining ground he may be right! :LOL:📱

Below are some further details courtesy of, to quote:

"Ryan recently spoke to Game Informer for a feature that looks back on the 25-year history of PlayStation consoles. As part of this, he remembered the PlayStation Vita and confirmed that there were no plans for any more PlayStation consoles like it in the future.

“PlayStation Vita was brilliant in many ways, and the actual gaming experience was great, but clearly it’s a business that we’re no longer in now,” Ryan said.

This new quote from Jim Ryan certainly confirms that there will be no more PlayStation (handheld) consoles, but that doesn’t mean the PS5 won’t have some form of portable gaming, nor does it mean Sony won’t make portable games for other platforms."

Sony CEO Confirms No Interest in Making Another Handheld Console.jpg



they'll never beat the smartphone market unless they change the way you play online. for example make a handheld and games that just cannot be emulated or played on phones.

This was how the PC was beating gaming systems then they brought online gaming and it nearly made consoles obsolete only for them to follow suit. look who is ahead now


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PSP was best portable console ever. I didn't owe one, but still tons of good games/remaster/ports greatly playable on PPSSPP (on 7" android device or PC). Vita borns dead. No good games, overprice, it was no more powerful than smartphones.

When PSP was released, most people used 2-3" screen phones, simple mobiles, so 5" handheld console was fine! When Vita released, most already has 8-10" tablets or/and laptops; thats why it borns dead...


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@astherion whoa whoa dude no good games for vita, i can name a few if you jrpg fan you get, persona 4, ffx, tales of hearts r, ys series, conception child of seven star, valkyria bikkhuni, berserk, super robot wars series, caligulla effect, exist archive and much more for adventure & open world you'll get assassins creed series, samurai warriors series, uncharted, spiderman.

No, sony want it dead since the kernel exploits leaked everywhere, and the device doesn't have 2 player mode feature like switch.


I think game systems should be heading towards smaller more handheld systems. Now With VR headsets we don't care how big our gaming screens are anymore.
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