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This past Tuesday Sony officially unveiled the PS5 console, and recently a Sony Holographic Display Screen patent from September 2019 surfaced leading to speculation on whether the new 3D technology could be utilized with their next-generation console or perhaps an upcoming PlayStation VR2 accessory for video gaming. šŸ˜ƒ

To quote from who spotted the patent (sony-playstation-holographic-display.pdf):

"The great thing about this invention is that the hologram display will be compatible with a Sony PlayStation console. This makes it possible to experience PlayStation games as a 3D hologram and to play via your trusted DualShock controller. Incredible right ?!

But the possibilities donā€™t stop there, as the Microsoft (Xbox) and Nintendo (Switch) consoles are also mentioned as compatible devices. Moreover, the 3D screen may also be compatible with smartphones, virtual reality (VR) headsets and augmented reality (AR) headsets.

Whether Sony really intends to market such a holographic screen is as yet unknown."

Although Sony's 360 Degree Display Hologram Prototype (video below) is quite interesting, Voxon Photonics have kicked things up a notch with their own Voxon Photonics 3D Volumetric Display in 4K initially inspired by the hologram from the epic movie Star Wars.

Check out all the related videos below, drop by their page for the Voxon DevKit and Unity Plugin for developers and catch the latest demos on their YouTube Channel! :cool:

Star Wars (1977) Chess: Let the Wookie Win
Holochess (Dejarik) - SOLO: A Star Wars Story
Sony Hologram Prototype! (360 Degree Display)
Voxon Photonics VX1 3D Volumetric Display in 4K
Voxon VX1 3D Volumetric Display - Demonstration
Visualizing DICOM data on the Voxon VX1 Volumetric Display
Unity Plugin Beta Release for the Voxon VX1
Creating a 3D Volumetric animation for the VX1 using Blender

And of course, one can always dream of PS9 in the distant future: šŸ˜²

PlayStation 9 (Fan Made)
Sony Holographic Display Patent and Voxon Photonics 3D Demos.jpg


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