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Proceeding the launch of their Mobile & Web Competition Center, today Sony invites PlayStation Gamers to join the PlayStation Player Celebration to play games, earn Trophies to unlock shared community rewards, win exclusive prizes and enter for a chance to take home the grand prize! 🏆

Below are all the details from Sony Global Marketing VP Mary Yee, to quote:

To celebrate our fans, we’re calling on the PlayStation community to join together to play toward a shared set of goals and win exclusive PS4 themes and PSN avatars.

Sign-ups start today and the program ends when all goals are reached (or March 15, whichever happens first). By signing up, you’ll also have a chance to win a PlayStation kit, which includes a real-life PlayStation Platinum Trophy engraved with your PSN ID!

Here are the steps to participate:

1. Sign Up

First, register with your PSN Sign-In ID here. Registration opens today, and you’ll start contributing to any upcoming goals as soon as the goal period starts. You can start contributing to the Community Goals for Stage One on February 24.

2. Start Playing!

There are two Community Goals in each Stage:
  • Play multiple PS4 games — the Community must play a target number of games for each Stage. Every PS4 game that each entrant plays for at least an hour (across as many sessions during the Stage) will count toward a goal.

  • Earn Trophies — the Community must earn a target number of trophies for each Stage. Up to six PS4 Trophies each entrant earns each day will count toward a goal. Trophies earned from games with a multiplayer mode count double!
3. Win Exclusive Rewards

Everyone who signs up can earn exclusive themes and avatars when the Community hits a goal. The rewards will be delivered directly to your PS4 via system notification.

By signing up, you’ll also have the chance to win an exclusive PlayStation kit, which includes a real-life PlayStation Platinum Trophy engraved with your PSN ID, a $100 USD / $130 CAD PlayStation Store voucher, and voucher codes for a selection of our greatest PS4 games.

To win, you’ll also need to answer a question at on March 17, 2020 at 11:00 AM PDT / 2:00PM EST. The first two correct answers will be selected as winners. See Official Rules for details.

Check out the chart below to see the goals for each round, as well as what prizes you can win.

Goal One
  • 125K Games Played
  • 500K Trophies Earned
Start playing from February 24
An exclusive PS4 static theme An exclusive PSN avatar
Goal Two
  • 375K games played
  • 1.5M Trophies earned
Starts when Goal One is completed
Five exclusive PSN avatar images
Goal Three
  • 675K games played
  • 2.7M Trophies earned
Starts when Goal Two is completed
An exclusive PS4 dynamic theme
Click here to learn more about the program, and track the latest progress on Community Goals. Make sure to check back often to see how the Community is doing, when each goal has been met, and when the next one begins. Good luck and happy gaming!

PlayStation Player Celebration - Join Now To Win Exclusive Prizes
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