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Sony's latest Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation VR PS4 bundle will be hitting store shelves in coming days, and includes a PS VR system, a copy of GT Sport, and an updated PS VR Demo Disc. :cool:

Here's the full scoop from Sony PlayStation Marketing VP Mary Yee, to quote: The bundle will include the PS VR system, PlayStation Camera, a physical copy of GT Sport, and an updated version of the PS VR Demo Disc, featuring 13 PS VR demo experiences.

The PS VR GT Sport bundle will be available in retailers across the U.S. for $399.99 USD (MSRP) and in Canada for $499.99 CAD (MSRP) – so you’re getting GT Sport at no extra charge with the core PS VR bundle, which is already available at a great value. And just a quick reminder that you’ll also need a separately sold PlayStation 4 system to play PS VR.

GT Sport represents Polyphony Digital’s most ambitious undertaking to date, utilizing the latest technology to deliver a true “Real Driving Simulator.” VR heightens the GT Sport driving experience with thrilling one-on-one racing with select cars in the dedicated VR Drive mode in Arcade Mode.

Turn your head and aim towards the apex as you enter the corner, and confidently throttle down as you look ahead at the exit to a blind corner. When you’re not racing down those tracks, take some time to admire the details of the interior of select cars in virtual reality.

Get ready to put yourself in the driver’s seat with the PS VR GT Sport bundle, which starts to hit shelves in the next few days!
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