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Last week the PlayStation 5 launched in North America, and today Sony officially kicks off the PS5 Scene overseas with a spectacular light show in Venice's Piazza San Marco (St. Mark's Square) alongside some fresh PS5 launch trailers below! 😍

If you're just joining us, be sure to check out the PlayStation 5 Teardown, some PS5 Github Repos, the PS5 WebKit OSS, a PS5UPDATE.PUP Unpacker, the PS5 Web Browser Backdoor, the PS5Prxy Proxy Server, PS5 Game Dumps & UART Pinouts, the PS5 Firmware Update Checker and we'll add more PlayStation 5 Trailer Videos as they become available throughout the day! 🥳

Poker Club - PS5 Launch Trailer

Welcome to Poker Club, the most immersive poker simulation ever made. Out now as a cross-buy bundle for PS4 & PS5. Pay once, get both. Find out more:

Override 2: Super Mech League - Open Beta PS5 Trailer

Play the Override 2: Super Mech League Open Beta on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and right now!

Learn more here:

Download the open beta now and be among the first to brawl with a selection of character from our 20 mech roster across multiple game modes. Experience each fighters’ distinctively deadly abilities and stylish combos in the all-new, faster gameplay!

Override 2: Super Mech League releases on PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 on December 22, 2020! Pre-order it digitally, or pre-order from your local retailer!

Planet Coaster: Console Edition - Accolades PS5 Trailer

Check out the critically acclaimed Planet Coaster: Console Edition! Out now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5! Buy Now.

NBA 2K21 - MyTEAM: Draft Packs PS5

Looking to add a big man like James Wiseman or Obi Toppin? Need the playmaking power of LaMelo Ball or Anthony Edwards? New Draft Packs got you covered, with 13 top recruits from the 2020 class. Plus, they're all Evolution cards; the more you use them, the better they get.

Plus, go up against the top rookies from past and present, like Cole Anthony and RJ Hampton or Luka Doncic and Anthony Davis, in thrilling Triple Threat and Weekly challenges. Walk away with great rewards, including a MyTEAM Draft Pack - available for one week.

FIFA 21 - Beckham is Back PS5

Beckham is back! Play FIFA 21 by January 15th 2021 and starting December 15th* you’ll receive an untradeable David Beckham item in FUT, and get him as a VOLTA Groundbreaker! Get FIFA 21 now!

Entitle for FIFA 21 on PlayStation 4 before the release of FIFA 22, and upgrade your game for the equivalent next generation console (PlayStation 5) for free. All progress you make and content you acquire in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and VOLTA FOOTBALL will carry over!

Madden NFL 21 – Next Gen Heat: The Spokesplayer PS5

The Spokesplayer is back to drop heat about Next Gen Player Movement powered by real-world Next Gen Stats. It’s the most fluid, athletic gameplay you’ve ever seen in Madden. Feel game day realism like never before in the next generation of Madden NFL beginning December 4.

Madden NFL 21 – Next Gen PS5 Gameplay Trailer

Next Gen Player Movement utilizes Next Gen Stats—leveraging real athlete data from thousands of NFL plays fed into the Madden animation engine—to create fluid, athletic player movement when accelerating, running routes, and changing direction for every player on the field.

Plus, Next Gen Stats-powered replays and star-driven play calling allow you to feel game day like never before in Madden21 beginning December 4.

Buy Now. Get Next Gen Madden NFL 21 Free. Upgrade to PS5 for FREE, and carry your MUT, Franchise modes, and The Yard progress across generations. Conditions apply.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - Nuketown '84 PS5 Trailer

Welcome to Nuketown '84. Coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War 11/24. Purchase here.

Welcome PS5! | Venice 2020 | PLAY HAS NO LIMITS

Italy welcomes PS5 and the future of gaming. It's time to celebrate with our large community.

PlayStation 5 Global Launch Celebration

See how PlayStation celebrated the global launch of the PS5 console with iconic buildings and popular sites around the world.

If you managed to score a PS5 console today congrats, and after Unboxing it let us know your first impressions in the comments below! 📣
Sony Kicks Off PS5 Scene Overseas, New PlayStation 5 Launch Trailers!.jpg



Staff Member
Damn Sony failed spectacularly to deliver PS5 consoles to Ukraine on time, even though people who pre-ordered were supposed to get it 19 Nov.


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Last I read Sony hasn't announced a PS5 release date in India yet either due to local regulations, and they're still exploring an official release date in China also. :unsure:

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