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We've seen PlayStation Assistant followed by Scene Tagging patents, and according to the latest USPTO patent uncovered today it appears Sony Interactive Entertainment will be ranking gameplay advice on PlayStation Network (PSN) servers based on feedback from next-generation PlayStation 5 console users. 🔥

Below are details from the patent's abstract description:

Management of user-generated game play advice is disclosed. The present invention allows for management of game play advice that is complete and up-to-date regardless of when a particular interactive gaming title is released.

Game play advice is pervasive and easily accessible to game players in addition to being accurate and credible such that game players can trust or rely upon the rendered advice.

And from who discovered the patent filing, to quote:

"The system will rate user-generated game play advice based on feedback from other users. For example, if you are stuck on a hard boss and someone gives you good advice, you can give positive feedback to help that content rank higher.

It is unclear how users will be able to provide feedback but usually, companies use likes, thumbs up, or a star-based system to rank content."
Sony Patent Ranks User-generated Game Play Advice for PlayStation 5.jpg
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I can see this being used with those new sony interactive games where you have onscreen decision making. such as Until Dawn or Hidden Agenda... If the game is played on discord, twitch or youtube with a live audience, they can vote for the next decision in mass or allow the streamer to over ride everyone and do their own thing.
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