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Last week the first PS5 Factory Image surfaced, and recently a new Sony Interactive Entertainment patent was uncovered from the World Intellectual Property Organization revealing Multiscreen Display Capabilities leading to speculation that the upcoming PlayStation 5 may include multiscreen capabilities when it arrives this Holiday 2020 season. đź“ş

To quote from on this new patent discovery:

"In either mode, the main screen display and the sub screen display may continue updating the respective screens.

As a result, the user can play the game displayed on the main screen while viewing the video displayed on the sub screen, or can confirm the status of the game in progress on the main screen and display the contents on the sub screen."

As always, we'll add any related PS5 News updates on this as they're available to the PlayStation 5 Forums section.
Sony Patent Reveals Multiscreen Display Capabilities, Possibility for PS5.jpg


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