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Earlier this month a USPTO Patent from PS5 / PS4 Lead System Architect Mark Evan Cerny by Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC outlining Backward Compatibility Through Use Of Spoof Clock And Fine Grain Frequency Control surfaced via shaunmcilroy which may resolve their ongoing backwards compatibility issues. :geek:

To recap briefly... this comes following the initial news that PS5 Backward Compatibility May Not Support All PS4 Game Titles, rumors of a PS5 Remastering Engine, a Cloud-based Backwards Compatibility Patent, previous confirmation that PS5 Won't Natively Support PS1, PS2 nor PS3 Games, a PlayStation 5 Backwards Compatibility Update with PS5 Backwards Compatibility Status List API and an Exploring PS5 Backwards Compatibility Trailer.

This past fall Mark Cerny Discussed How PlayStation 5 Was Built, with rumors last month of an an upcoming Project Spartacus Subscription Service that may incorporate enhanced backwards compatibility... to quote from

"In particular, claim 11 already begins to suggest that this is a solution to getting games from all generations running on PS5 and PS4.

11. The method of claim 1, wherein the different version of the system is a less powerful system than the current version of the system.

This is a very exciting patent, especially considering the rumored Project Spartacus subscription service that will overtake all other current forms of services offered from Sony."
Sony PlayStation Backward Compatibility via Spoof Clock Patent Surfaces.jpg



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Backwards compatibility is nice on a new console but only if you can use stuff you have already bought whether it be a digital copy or a disc. Making people re buy something they already own just to play it on a new console is not right.
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