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Today as scheduled Sony held their last PlayStation State of Play December 2019 conference for the year, with a recap of the live stream and video game highlights below for those who missed it! :fire:

As expected, they didn't report on any new PlayStation 5 News, but released several new PS4 game trailer videos to drool over. šŸ˜‹

Here's a summary of what was covered courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment Social Media Manager Justin Massongill:

State of Play December 2019: All the Announcements

State of Play | 10th December 2019

State of Play - Ken Kutaragi Looks Back on 25 Years of Play
Resident Evil 3 - State of Play PS4 Announcement Trailer
Babylon's Fall - State of Play PS4 Trailer
Predator: Hunting Grounds | State of Play Ultimate Adversary PS4 Trailer
Untitled Goose Game - State of Play Coming Soon PS4 Trailer
Dreams - State of Play Release Date PS4 Trailer
Spellbreak - State of Play Closed Beta Announce PS4 Trailer
Superliminal - State of Play PS4 Trailer
Paper Beast - State of Play Gameplay PS VR Trailer
Sony PlayStation State of Play Live Stream for December 10th, 2019.jpg


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